Thursday, September 22, 2011

Review: Lost by: Adienne Wider

eBook, 48 pages, 21,680 words
Published June 2011 by Liquid Silver Books
ISBN 13: 9781595788344
Source: Purchased for self
Genre: M/M Dark Dark Fantasy Romance
Series: Darwin's Theory #4
Stars: 5
Flames: 5

This series gets better with each book. The shocker, every book is awesome. At the beginning of Lost, the readers are given a brief rundown of the last twenty four hours, which is the ending of Promises. Peter and Darwin are still shocked by the previous night’s events of the kidnapping, fire and the top secret metaphysic bombshell that Peter holds the secret to. Events definitely take a very serious tone in this book. Darwin and Peter are in danger. There are people who are going to want Peter, to use him for his knowledge on metaphysics. These people are not going to have any problems removing Darwin from the picture in order to ensure they get what they want. To add even more tension to that dangerous situation is the fact that Peter is extremely close to his Shift. Peter and Darwin now have to deal with the pressures of another male in their relationship. Darwin cannot provide Peter with what he needs to survive, that being the flesh and blood and metaphysical energy exchange from feeding. Enter the sexy Lesser-Bred from the cover, Raithe.

                My only complaint is the humongous cliffhanger at the end. I hate cliffhangers! So now I wait for the next book. I am so hooked on this world. I want to know what is going to become of Peter and his knowledge of the super-secret metaphysics project. I want to know more about the spontaneously combustible Darwin. This is a non-stop page turner full of actin and surprises.


  1. I know what you mean about cliffhangers.. I hate them.. Great review.

  2. Great review! I'm excited about reading this series. :)