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     Well, this is me. I'm Vanessa, the Jeep Diva. I drive one and I am one, it makes complete sense in this crazy brain of mine. I love jeeping, more or less just cruising around in it. I am very highly motivated to take it off road though. I just need to find some other peoples to go with me. I also love to read. I love my books. I take excellent care of them, keep them organized in all sorts of crazy ways that works wonderfully with the severe case of OCD that I have. I actually have CDO (I had to alphabetize it.) Since my recent move into the new house and my very early retirement I have an abundance of time on my hands. I decided to pick up author stalking. I went to my first book con November 2010. Loved it so much that I went to 3 in 2011. Who knows where I will travel in 2012.  I go to quite a few signings too. I am amazed at how far I am willing to drive to go to these. It's fun, I meet new peoples while I out doing it too. I also take tons of photographs too. It works well with the other two loves. I can take pics while Jeeping to the different book events. I am fully aware of my big dorkness and I am completely fine with it. Trust me when I say you are laughing with me, and never at me.

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  1. Love your brief bio. I have a case of OCD—CDO—as well :-) Have fun off-roading in your jeep and touring the country for book events.