Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Scoundrel By: Zoe Archer

Mass Market Paperback, 400 pages
Published October 1st 2010 by Zebra
IBN13: 9781420106800
Series: The Blades of the Rose #2.
3 Stars
3 Flames (several hot sex scenes, use of the p-word brought the steaminess down for me)

                This is book number two in Zoe Archers Blades of the Rose series. A friend of mine told me that these books were written so they could be read in any order or as a stand-alone. After having read two of the books I feel that that is certainly true. I did like this book better than Warrior. I cannot however say that I liked the book or that I would recommend it. I think it is something with me and me alone. I do not care for the authors writing style. The books seem overly descriptive to me. Another slight annoyance was the over use of the word scoundrel in this book. It is not only the title of the book, but it is also the main trait of the main male character. He is referred to as this countless times. I have to stress that before you make a decision NOT to read this series, go read other reviews. EVERYONE loves this series. I am the anomaly.
                I liked London. She was a great lead female character. She did quite a bit of evolving as a character. She started out with some ill-gotten notions about her father’s work. This was no fault of her own. Her father had given her very misleading information. Once she is told about her father’s bad business dealings she becomes more observant and takes notice of what is truly going on around her. I hate it when a character will always believe the lies of the parent even though they have wronged the child over and over. She was a strong, independent character who made her own decisions.
                Bennett is our hero. He is a slightly flawed hero. He is a self-proclaimed libertine/scoundrel/coinsurer of women. As a reader you cannot help but like Bennett. He knows exactly who he is and he does not present himself in any other light to London. He lets her no from the beginning that he wants her in his bed. The relationship development between London and Bennett is great. There are all the key factors that I love to read in a romance, the initial meeting, the flirtations, the pursuit, the sexual tension, the sex, the happily ever after.
                This book also has plenty of action and adventure. The Blades of the Rose are seeking to protect a Source from the Heirs of Albion. London’s father is one of the leaders of the Heirs. He is using her to acquire a Source. There are more magical aspects in this book. Two of the characters are a witch (Blade) and a sorcerer (Heir). Most of this story takes place in the Aegean Sea on numerous different islands. The Blades ship captain Kallas and Athena (Blade witch) have an incredible sexual tension between them. They also have a very heated argumentative banter going the majority of the book.     

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