Friday, February 11, 2011

Darkness Dawns By Dianne Duvall

Darkness Dawns (Immortal Guardians #1)

Mass Market Paperback, 320 pages
Published February 1st 2011 by Zebra
ISBN13: 9781420118612
Series: Immortal Guardians #1.
5 Stars
4 Flames
                Brand new series, brand new author, and an awesome start to what I expect to be an incredible series. She has created a cast of phenomenal characters! Duvall has put an interesting spin on her vampires. The vampires are not immortals and the immortals are not vampires. The immortals have some vampish traits. Thus you have the good guys, the Immortal Guardians and you have the bad guys, the Vampires.
                Sarah is a music professor tending a garden in her back yard when her life is interrupted by vampires, minion thugs and what she assumes is a man who is outnumbered and about to be killed. I like Sarah, she is brave. Wielding only a shovel she goes after the guys who are harming an unarmed man in the woods behind her home. Instead of breaking down into a frantic useless blob when she discovers the condition Roland is in, she keeps herself together to help him as quickly and carefully as possible. The action starts off at the very beginning of the book.  Action and some pretty steamy romance keep the book moving at a steady pace.  
                Roland is the injured man that Sarah has rescued and brought into her home. He is part of a team of immortals whose job is to protect the innocent from vampires. He is ambushed and staked out for the sun. Sarah saves him from the sun’s harmful rays. The readers find out fairly quickly that all of Roland’s associates feel he is a bit unsocial and has some major trust issues. All of his conversations with Sarah make this seem hard to believe. She brings out a different side of him. Roland likes what she does to him and soon discovers he wants to be hers. I liked the relationship that develops between Roland and Sarah. It is very sweet.     
                I recommend this book to anyone who likes the Dark-Hunter series. I am looking forward to knowing more about the Immortal Guardians leader Seth. He is very much like the other members of the group, but we find out he is also very different. I am also curious about Amiriska. Who is she and exactly what is she? I saw on Duval’s Facebook that book 2 in the series is scheduled to be in bookstores later this year in December. It will be Marcus’s book and titled Night Reigns. This is certainly a series that I will continue to keep reading.

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  1. I love the SK series so I am going to have to check this out :)