Monday, February 14, 2011

Ruthless Game by: Christine Feehan

Ruthless Game (GhostWalkers, #9)

Mass Market Paperback, 416 pages
Published December 28th 2010 by Jove
ISBN13: 9780515149210
Series: GhostWalkers #9.
3 Stars
3 Flames

                This is a series that MUST be read in order. I say this because Rose and Kane originally meet and had sex in Deadly Game book #5, if I remember correctly. That is the book that revolves around the breeding and pairing program that the sickly twisted Dr. Whitney has created. The readers also learn in Street Game book #8 that Kane believes that he has impregnated a female GhostWalker while they were both a part of Whitney’s pairing program. He also alludes to the fact that she may not have been a willing participant in the program or the sexual encounter that came from the program. Kane also confides in Mack that he believes that this female is pregnant with his child.
                Ruthless Game starts out in action scene where Kane’s team is trying to rescue a political leader’s daughter and children from another country where they are being held hostages. The tip of where the hostages are being help came from Rose. The mission is mostly a success. Kane and Rose are left by Kane’s team due to Rose’s extreme trust issues. Kane’s team cannot come back and rescue them at a later time due to Rose’s extreme trust issues. I did not like Rose’s character at all. She makes numerous poor decisions that put her and her child in danger. She also contradicts herself too much. One moment she is prepared to take care of her child without any assistance, because she is capable. The next minute she has to have Kane around to assist with the protecting of the child. Yet she only wants his help, he is not allowed to involve the team that her knows, trusts and grew up with.  
So readers are given a romance book that is missing a romance.  Both Rose and Kane feel guilty about the pairing. They both feel that the other does not desire the other. They both feel that they need to stick together for the sake of the child. Also I should point out that Rose is eight months pregnant. Part of the reason I enjoy Feehan’s books is due to the fact they are usually overly sexed. Due to pregnancy and the actual birth, not so much sex with this book. I also found Kane’s breastfeeding/breast milk obsession a little creepy. I am not a mother, but I suspect that mothers and expecting mothers may enjoy this book a little more than I did.

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