Monday, February 7, 2011

Size Matters By: Stephanie Julian

eBook, ? Pages
Published September 8th 2010 by Ellora's Cave Publishing Inc.
ISBN13: 9781419930294
5 Stars
5 Flames
                This is a very short, very steamy hot sexy read. I thoroughly enjoyed this tale. Plenty of sexy good smut in these few pages. I needed a smutty read. I had gone through a smutless reading drought that included a few too many virginal historical, young adults who was keeping their pants on and Zombie books. Not only did this book provide me with a good dose of hot steamy sex, but it contains plenty of plot and some conflict for our lovers to overcome.
                Carrie is a newspaper reporter, well she reports for a tabloid. She has been sent to photograph and write about the Bigfoot that has been sighted. After crashing her car in the snow she finds herself in the presence of Tim, a large (all over, EVERYTHING) man she cannot (does not want to) keep her hands (lips, tongue, body) off of. I loved Tim. I won’t describe his character as shy, but perhaps he shows a little more reservation when him and Carrie first start interacting. Tim is sweet. You cannot help but love him as a character. This is such a sweet erotic romance. A little predictable with one character being a reporter and one not being exactly all human. This does not take away from the story though. It is still a great read that I highly recommend!
Julian’s website has this book listed as Book 1 in the Fringe series. I do hope there is more to come, the readers were given a tiny glimpse at sexy blonde Yeti named Andy and a Fae complete with wings, pointy ears and mini fangs.

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