Monday, January 31, 2011

The Dream Thief by Shana Abe

Mass Market Paperback, 368 pages
Published August 28th 2007 by Bantam Books
ISBN13: 9780553588057
Series: Drakon #2.
3 Stars
2 Flames (characters have sex, it is not hot or smutty, just there on the pages in print)

                Book 2 in the Drakon series picks up a few years after the first books conclusion. Clarissa Rue and Christoff (Kit) have had five children. The youngest child is Amalia (Lia); she is the main female character of this book. Her one Drakon gift is dreaming the future. This gift presents itself to her at a young age, so at the beginning of the book she is still a child. She is a child having dreams that let her know Zane is in her future as far as she can see.
                Zane, the young street urchin that Rue took in off the streets in book 1 is the main male character of The Dream Thief. He has grown into an ass. That is the only way to describe Zane as a character. He is brash, rude, seems self-centered at times and a true ass. He does not make any excuses for his character. He presents his self this way quite openly. He is a likable ass. I do not see how he could have been presented any other way. He had a horrible childhood. He decided to keep to his life of crime as he grew into a man. Once again he offers no apologies for this, it is simply who he is. I did like his character.
                I do not use the term hero or heroine in this review due to the fact that neither character does anything truly heroic. There is a complete lack of pursuit in the relationship. Zane is sent by Christoff and Rue to find a diamond that they cannot retrieve themselves. The song the diamond sings enslaves the Drakon. The very human Zane can bring it back to them. Along the journey  to acquire the diamond he finds Lia, trouble and a great deal of sexual tension. Lia knows from her dreams that Zane will be her lover. Zane knows the rules that the Drakon must live by. He has a respectable fear of her very toothy Drakon father. I just never felt the romantic connection with this couple and it took something away from the book.

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