Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Queen of Dragons by Shana Abe

Mass Market Paperback, 325 pages
Published November 25th 2008
ISBN13: 9780553588064
Series: Drakon #3.
2 Stars
2 Flames
If I were a Drakon Princess who was determined not to become mated to the Drakon Alpha of another Drakon tribe, the last thing I would do is travel to his home. Our Drakon Princess Maricara travels to England to Darkfrith as soon as she is of an appropriate mating age. She goes straight to Kimber Langford’s home. She pops up in his home in the middle of the night, naked to accuse him of trying to spy on her and to declare that she will not wed him. She also flees his home to hide from him. She goes to a pricey inn away from him, yet she sends him the bill to pay for this holiday she is taking. Thus, the male she is determined not to mate/wed knows exactly where she is. My main problem with this book is Maricara. She is extremely immature. The majority of the first half of the book she is not even in the vicinity of Kimber for them to develop feelings for each other. The book was missing the romantic connection between two individuals. The only thing that Maricara and Kimber have going for each other is they are both alphas and destined to be together. I need romance in a romance novel. I like the chase, the pursuit, the flirting, hell stalking would have been better than the lack of that I felt between Maricara and Kimber.
                I had so many issues with this book from the very beginning that it made the book almost difficult to read. I had also decided about half way through the book to not read any more in the series. I will not be allowed to do this. Many issues were presented in this installment of the series. At the ending of the book, none were resolved. The Others (humans) have begun taking Drakon’s.  In fact, the main characters from the first two books are among the missing. I am hoping to enjoy the next book in the series more than this one. I am very curious how the Drakon will handle the Others.  

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  1. Great honest review! I am still thinking about checking it out because you said the first one was pretty good. I had another series take a turn in the middle that made me give it up---always sucks when that happens!