Friday, December 31, 2010

2010 gave of readers some fabulous new books. All of the books I am about to rave about were not only read by me during 2010, but they were also published in 2010. I did read a ton books this year that were great and published pre-2010, but I wanted to do a recap of the ones published in 2010.
I have to admit that my favorite for the year was Crave by JR Ward.  I do believe that Ward’s Fallen Angel series has moved itself into the position of MY FAVORITE SERIES.
Lara Adrian gave us another Midnight Breed book with Taken by Midnight. Brock and Jenna’s story was very interesting. She was our first non-breed-mate female.  I am looking forward to how she will evolve or perhaps what she will evolve into.
I had the pleasure of adding two Kresley Cole books to my shelf in 2010, Pleasure of a Dark Prince and Demon from Dark. As far as I am concerned they are both 5 star 5 flame reads.
Christina Dodd gave us Chains of Ice. John Powell has to be the hottest mountain man in print. After reading this book I wanted to go hiking in the woods just to get sex-napped by the Yeti.
 Married with Zombies by Jesse Petersen was the funniest book I read this year.
Mira Grant’s Feed was my favorite science-fiction this year. I really am enjoying my zombie books.
I should also mention Gena Showalter’s Ecstasy in Darkness while I am going on and on about science fictions. It was my favorite sci-fi romance for the year. Her Alien Huntress series is great. The sexual content is light. The overall romance is very hot though.
I am positive there are more that I am forgetting. I guess I can always edit and add more.
Please feel free to tell me what you 2010 favorites were.

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