Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Eternal Prey by Nina Bangs

Mass Market Paperback, 384 pages
Publication: December 28th 2011 by Avon
ISBN 13: 9780062018953
Series: Gods of the Night #3.
5 Stars
4 Flames (quantity low, quality was scorching)

                I am still shocked by this series, but I have to admit the dino-shifter and Mayan prophecy makes for an awesome book. If you like sexy shifters and the wolves are starting to bore you, read the Gods of the Night series. This series gets better and better with each one.  My only complaint is that the author is not getting the next in the series on the shelf quick enough. As far as I’m concerned this quote from the book is reason enough to run out, buy the book and read it. “Utah was hot nights, tangled sheets, and screaming orgasms.”
                Readers were introduced to Lia in the previous book as an evil vampire leader’s human daughter. Lia made it clear to everyone from the moment she was introduced as a character that she wanted to become vampire, as soon as possible preferably. Utah lost one of his brothers to a vampire attack. Utahraptors are pack dinosaurs. He is emotionally destroyed by this loss. What better way to try to heal that wound than go kill all vampires you can get to. I thought this would lead to one of those I hate you but I’m going to have sex with you anyways and hate myself for it courtships, not the case. Utah and Lia have numerous hurdles to overcome to be together. The characters attraction to one another is obvious. Their pursuit of each other is hot. Lia and Utah’s banter is great. They are teamed up as partners. She is his human that will keep him from being detected by the big bad evil. He needs her and she needs to kill him on account of his attempting to slaughter every vampire in existence. All these conflicts make for one incredible book. Oh, and they get the best wedding gift ever!
                The cast of characters in this series is insane. The secondary characters get larger and more intriguing with each book. Kione has a large role in this book. We learn an enormous amount of information about his past. His past is HORRIFIC, and a tear jerker.  Seir is still cryptic. He truly leads you to believe that he is playing both ends against each other, but then he helps the Eleven in a way that just seems to counteract everything else he did. Seir is a very interesting character that I want to know more about. Zero gets more proactive with his destroy mankind meddling and also with the obstacles he will throw into the Elevens lives. Seven is….. Wow, the surprises with Seven. Seven is different. I think anything I reveal about Seven will be a spoiler. There is a history with Seven (and another character specifically) that was not present with Nine and Eight. It leads me to believe that Seven may have played for the good team in a previous time cycle. (I’m done; I can say no more about Seven. Oh but the things I want to say about Seven!)   

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