Monday, August 6, 2012

Review: Soul Sisters by Janiera Eldridge

Kindle Edition, 
Published May 24th 2012 by Janiera Eldridge
Source: Author, for the purpose of an honest review

* Thank you to the author, Janiera Eldridge, for allowing me to be a Early Reviewer on the JeepDiva Blog *

AUTHOR:  Soul Sister is Janiera’s first published book.  In my opinion, Janiera has the potential of someday becoming a great author.  At this time, “in my opinion”, she has some improvements to make in providing her written work with the right balance of dialogue, action and adventure and details of events….”in my opinion”.

GENRE: Paranormal, Fiction, Contemporary fiction, Multicultural fiction, Urban fiction, Fantasy fiction

Harlem, New York to Europe and back to New York.  Switches back and force between Modern Day and the 13th century

CENTRAL FEMALE CHARACTER:  Twin sisters but only one is a vampire.  The other twin however, has lived for as many years as her vampire sister.    

CENTRAL MALE CHARACTER:  For centuries he has always made it possible for people to live beyond their time.  He can provide for them the riches of life should they so desire.  The problem?  He demands something from them that that money cannot buy.

SYNOPSIS:  She married the man of her dreams.  His life suddenly ended but her twin sister ensured that she would always be with her.  She would always be her protector.   

PARANORMAL:   How does one live with a twin and yet that twin has a different need in order to survive?

CONTEMPORARY fiction:   This book is not so much “romance” as it is “contemporary paranormal”.  The major setting takes place in the modern day century.  Spurts of having relationships is included but not the main thrust.

WHAT I LIKED:  Actions starts towards the end of the book and leads to a cliff hanger.  Whoa!

WHAT I DID NOT LIKE:  While it is a great story overall, the book lacks depth.  It does not pull the reader into the storyline.   It is written with basic events occurring with very little detail description of moods, character and facial expressions.  As an example,   what was the shape of their eyes and mouth; were her teeth white and elongated as she saw the pulse beating in his neck; what was the reaction of the victim, did he scream; what did the door sound like as it opened, did it creak open?

Unfortunately this book gets (2) vrooms out of (5) Jeep Diva blog vrooms.  The engine started but the tires would not roll.

WHY (2 ) STARS:  Lacks depth.  Reader is just dropped into one scene after the other.

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