Monday, July 30, 2012

Review: When You Wish Upon a Duke by Isabella Bradford

When You Wish Upon a Duke
ebook: 320 pages
Expected publication: July 31st 2012 by Ballantine Books
IBSN: 0345527305 (ISBN13: 9780345527301)
Genre: Historical Romance
Series: Wylder Sisters, book #1
Stars: 5
Flames: 3


     Raised in the Dorset countryside, Lady Charlotte Wylder doesn’t care one bit about well-bred decorum. The dark-haired, blue-eyed beauty would rather ride a horse than attend a stuffy ball. So when Charlotte learns that she is to leave immediately for London to wed the Duke of Marchbourne, a perfect model of aristocratic propriety, she is less than enchanted with her arranged marriage.

      But to her delight, their first encounters are brazenly flirtatious, and their wedding night burns with passion. March’s broad shoulders and dark countenance make Charlotte want to rip every button off his waistcoast. She may even be falling in love with her new husband. Yet whenever their desire boils over, March reluctantly pushes Charlotte away. Will past secrets and present misunderstandings mire their marriage in scandal, or serve to strengthen a bond that is destined to last a lifetime?


My Review:

     OMG this book was toughly amazing. In the times this book takes place it was very important to stay out of the gossip channels. For that and other much greater reason the Duke of Marchbourne is dead set in staying above all this. But when faced with the country mouse that is his wife, he might not get his wish.

     Charlotte tries very hard to be the perfect duchess for her husband. Even going so far as to withhold her bodies response to the pleasure her husbands touch brings her. But in trying to please and make each other happy, they are miserable and making the other so. But in the end not even society's rules of property and decorum could keep this couple from expressing their love in the baser of forms.

     I love the way that Charlotte no matter how much refinement and instruction stayed true to her heart and was made happier for it. What happens behind closed married doors, should stay there. No body needs to know of it. And I applaud her for not faulting an eleven year old for the sins of his father.

     And although March has a long way to go in accepting the nature of his reactions to his wife are his and not because of his blood, he has taken the first step. It takes a real man to know his faults but a real gentleman to deal with it.

     This truly is an amazing book with romance(of course), gossip, an duels of honor. A great start to a new historical trilogy.

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