Monday, July 30, 2012

ARC Review: Collision by Berinn Rae and Giveaway

ebook, 300 pages
Expected publication: July 30th 2012 by Crimson Romance
ISBN 13: 9781440552397
Source: Author, for the purpose of an honest review
Genre: Sci Fi Romance
Series: Colliding Worlds, book #1
Stars: 4
Flames: 3

Legian is secretly fighting an enemy on foreign soil for a race that does not even know he exists. He came to Earth with his people in hopes of aligning with humans to once and for all defeat the Draeken. The aligning has not gone as expected. Apolo, his leader has chosen to remain hidden and fight the enemy in secret.

Sienna moved far away from life and into a remote cabin in the woods to get away from the world. After the loss of her husband her view on life drastically changed. Her goal was isolation and she had it until a UFO crashed in her back yard. Sienna finds herself helping the man in the space craft. Alarms are blaring, fuel is leaking, and time is running out. She doesn’t even know she has just pulled her future from his death.

I found the romance to be a side story. Sienna and Legian are the main characters, they get a happily ever after, but the overall focus of the book seems to be Sienna assisting this alien race as a whole. The book reads and moves like an urban fantasy, but with aliens.

I liked Sienna. She is an easy heroine to connect with. She is trying to hold on to her human normalcy, her love of video games, romance novels, and a good glass of wine, while being the only human living among a base full of aliens. In fact I enjoyed all of the characters. The Sephian race as a whole is intriguing. Their view on women as equals was refreshing. The human friends (Division 51 Black Ops Team) that Sienna calls in for assistance added a nice tension Collision.

I found a new twist on sci fi with Collision. The aliens that have secretly landed on Earth are not here looking for a new home, they’re not looking for breeding vessels. Sephian’s have come to Earth to prevent their enemies from doing to Earth what they did to Sephia. The Sephian’s have brought advanced technology and knowledge to assist in the prevention of a war between humans and Draeken.

Colliding Worlds is a series that I will definitely continue reading. I want know more about many of the characters. I also want to know more about the Draeken. I am looking forward to the next book. I think anyone who enjoys sci fi or urban fantasy, with a touch of romance and aliens would find this an enjoyable read.

***A little FYI. RPG in this book means role playing game, not rocket propelled grenade. I’m not a gamer and I couldn’t figure out what an Xbox and RPG had in common. LOL! Gotta love Google.***

Berinn is giving away an eBook copy (any format) of Collision. Talk sci fi to us! What is your favorite sci fi anything, movie, book, TV show, technological advance, character feature.  


  1. C.J. Cherryh is one of my favorite scifi authors!


  2. I would have been on a google search too ... :)

  3. Oh this looks really good! Thanks for sharing your review! LOL! I would have been clueless about RPG too.

    I just started reading Sci-Fi Romance and haven't quite taken the leap to pure Sci-Fi in books. I liked 'No Words Alone'. As to TV and movies, I enjoyed Star Trek, Battlestar Gallactica and Star Wars.

  4. Sounds like an interesting book. And I don't know about y'all, but I love me some Firefly. I was super excited when the movie Serenity came out for it. I was so sad when that show was canceled. Such a disappointment.


  5. I have read a book by this author and loved it!!! I have always loved Sci-Fi. Stargate was one of my favs, but I have a lot!! Thanks for the giveaway!!

  6. wow i read some sci fi book and like them butthe movie was str trek it the top of the list
    desithe blodne at

  7. I haven't ready very many Sci-fi books really, but the one's I have read, I enjoyed immensely and will definitely read more as I find them. Firefly was great and I liked Stargate the movie.


  8. I like Robocop.


  9. I love Fringe :D

  10. I have found I enjoy sci-fi romance, but my favorite sci-fi so far has to Serenity the television show. Thanks Carin