Friday, July 6, 2012

Review: Seduce by Felicity Heaton

eBook, 157 pages per Kindle
Published June 23rd 2012 by Dark Rose Publishing
Source: Author, for the purpose of an honest review
Genre: Paranormal Romance, vampires
Best read in order: possibly, they loosely work as stand alones
Stars: 5
Flames: 4

Seduce is the third book in an incredible series and I swear they just keep getting better. I have no clue how Felicity has managed to make me enjoy each book more than the previous, but she has.
Sera has been frequenting the theatre for months with her sire. She enjoys going immensely, but it is not to watch the acts on stage. She spends her time in the theatre watching one of its proprietors, Antoine. She is so attracted to him that she has decided to do anything to get past his icy unapproachable fa├žade. Her sire has given her numerous warnings that no one gets close to Antoine, but it has only fueled her desires to get closer to him.

Antoine doesn’t let anyone get close to him. His has too many unhealed wounds from his past, a deep rooted fear for what the future holds for him, and a bloodlust crazed brother to deal with. The theatre is the only other thing he has made room for in his life. I knew he would have some darkness in his past, but I never imagined his life had been so tragic. This vamp deserved a happily ever after. He got quite the impressive lady too.

I absolutely loved Sera. She is one determined vamp. She wants Antoine. She sets out to seduce Antoine. She does not run when she learns all about him, she never even blinks. I like this type of character. Antoine has gotten used to the status quo of his life. He does not seem overly eager to change anything about it. Sera makes him want more than the little he has gotten used to. I found myself fist pumping and cheering for Sera and her determinedness.

For Snow fans like myself, readers learn much of the reason for why he is the way he is. I’m sure there is much more to learn about him though. It’s all very tragic and will leave you craving his story even more than you already were.

A couple of new male vamps were introduced. Callum and Javier’s brothers will be brought into the theatre’s inner workings. Readers are given just enough details about them that they are left impatiently waiting for the next book. One of the brothers seems to have some nature of secrets in his past. He also seems dark and broody. I can’t wait to read more of this very sexy vampire series!

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