Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Review: Point of No Return by Mandy M Roth

eBook, 54 pages
Published May 18th 2010 by Samhain Publishing
ISBN 13: 9781605049991
Source: Author for the purpose of an honest review
Genre: Sci Fi Romance, shifters
Best read in order: no, each works as a stand alone
Stars: 3
Flames: 3

Nina and Jordan have had an intense mutual attraction since the moment they both first saw one another. Nina’s mating cycle is the force that finally pushes them to do what they have been denying for far too long. She has found herself trapped with Jordan for an indeterminate amount of time. She needs relief from the heat cycle. Her sanity is about to break and the one man guaranteed to drive her insane is the one who can provide her with everything that she needs, yet denies herself.

There were a couple things that I was a bit puzzled about. Force of Attraction is novella length, so perhaps if these things were elaborated on some more I would have grasped it. The biggest ‘huh’ moment was the reason why this couple did not get together sooner. Jordan and Nina have some hot moments. They work as a couple. Why deny the attraction?

The Project Exorcism series has a unique blend of sci fi, paranormal, and romance. They are definitely fun reads. Each book easily works as a stand-alone and they can be read in any order. I’m enjoying the storyline of the overall series. It appears that the Janelle siblings are going to begin the search for their banished brothers. That is after all part of the reason that Nina and Jordan were traveling together to begin with.

I have to point out that I absolutely LOVE the warnings on Mandy’s books. “Warning: Contains a hotheaded female who doesn't like having to rely on any one let alone a man. And an equally stubborn alpha shifter male who's is more than willing to go toe to toe with her before rocking her world.” See, that just guarantees fun!

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