Sunday, June 3, 2012

Review: Infinite Sacrifice by L.E. Waters

eBook, 282 pages
Published October 21st 2011 by Rock Castle Publishing
ISBN 13: 9780983911
Source: Tour for the purpose of an honest review
Genre: Fantasy, Historical
Series: Infinite, book #1
Stars: 3

* Thank you to the author, L. E. Waters, for allowing me to be a Early Reviewer on the JeepDiva Blog*

AUTHOR: L. E. Waters is the author of (2) books, Infinite Sacrifice and Infinite Devotion. While I have not read Infinite Devotion, she appears...yezzzzz, a "she" author, appears to write from a total historical perspective which means somebody has been doing a whole lot of research. She has a great explanation website The Historical Info tab (the link) which will help understand the various reincarnated lives in this book.

As the Spirit Guide Zachariah leads, Maya must recall past lives before being allowed to move forward to either being reincarnated again or ending the journey. What has Maya learned from past lives is the true question.

HISTORY: This book is labeled as a reincarnation fantasy saga. Let's see. We have the life as a male Egyptian priest; a Spartan young woman, a Irish young boy captured by Vikings and a young English woman during the times of the Black Plague.

HUMOR: Very little humor as the book concentrates more on looking at past lives.

FAVORITE PART: Depends on what time period that you enjoy. Personally I enjoyed the Irish boy sent to (I think Denmark ? perhaps) Viking land. He did return briefly to his home and what he did there totally floored me. Noooo, I will not tell you because it will ruin the story.

LEAST FAVORITE PART: Dialogue with the spirit guide in the beginning and the end of the book. Some books have "too" much descriptive content and very little dialogue. Some books have "too" much dialogue and very little descriptive content. Both are quite boring when one or the other is overemphasized. As with this book, there are pages and pages and pages of a conversation between the Spirit Guide and the reincarnated person. Boring.


RATING: 3/5 Jeep JeepDiva Vroom Vrooms and a Sputter. From a historical perspective the book was fantastic. From a writing perspective, the book had too much dialogue and conversation between characters. I would have liked to read more action with the adventures.

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  1. I'm a big fan of Lauren's blog, although I haven't (yet) read her book. This review totally makes me want to start reading it right now, though. I'm a total history junkie!