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Stephanie Beck Book Tour: Guest Post

Making the Most of Your Smut by Stephanie Beck

For a lot of people I know, reading for pleasure is something they look forward to all week while their world spins like mad. Getting a few pages in while waiting for the kiddos or between meetings just isn’t the same as when you can sit down and really read for an hour or two (or five, I’m not here to judge). Especially in reading erotica and naughty books, I’ve found that people really get into it and like things a certain way before they pull out their reader.
A few tips and tricks to pamper yourself while reading:
Pillows: Prop yourself up like a princess. Elevate your feet, get your neck just right and relax!
Snack: Find something that’s easy and won’t make a mess. I love making a decadent trail mix with mini marshmallows, nuts, little chocolate pieces and dried fruit.
Drink: Whether you toddle tea or enjoy a glass of something with a kick, keep it close. I find when I’m reading naughty books that I like drinks with naughty names. There’s a Kinky liquor out right now—a friend had me try it with a little prosecco—it’s pink and bubbly and perfect for evenings of reading.
Nail Polish: When you do need to take a potty or stretch break, grab your favorite bottle of polish and paint your toes before assuming the reading position again. Pretty toes make me smile.

Above all else, make sure to give yourself the time to make reading an experience, not just a way to pass the time! My mother used to tell me reading was an inexpensive way to see the world and meet new people. Why not see the world and meet those people while sipping bubbly?

All the Best,
Stephanie Beck

When Stephanie Beck’s mother told her to quit whining about less than perfect stories and write her own neither of them could have guessed what would happen. Ten years later that advice has become a fulltime passion and occupation. With a wonderful husband and three beautiful children, the fulltime status makes for very long days, but she breaks up the romance and steamy scenes with knitting, walking, sewing and reading.

Smut Interrupted:
Anna and Andy are at a sex addict class against their wills. Seeing each other after years apart opens up all kinds of sexy fun doors. Class attendance is mandatory, but making the most of their breaks is a perk neither expected.

Sneak Peek at Smut Interrupted:
“My name is Andy Bowmen and I’m not a sex addict. I just made the unfortunate mistake of hooking up with one of my sister’s friends and then dumping her ass. She told my sister about my sexual preferences, who told her husband—who happens to be my boss. He signed me up for this goddamn class, with an ultimatum of being fired if I didn’t attend.”
Andy settled his black cowboy hat on the metal chair beside him and looked straight at her, his familiar expression sending shots of lust to her groin. “And you, miss? Is your name as pretty as your face?”
“Now, now.” The moderator, an older gentleman who’d introduced himself as Doctor Anderson shook his head. “This is a serious problem. If you’re here under pressure from your family, it means they saw an issue needing thoughtful consideration. This is also a neutral zone. No directing sexual innuendo or terms toward your fellow participants. Miss, would you like to introduce yourself?”
She still didn’t want to, but with Andy looking at her with his eyebrow cocked, she didn’t see a choice. “My name is Anna. I’m here because I made the mistake of giving my stepmother a key to my house. She used it while I was working, found a small, tasteful stash of smut, and threatened to have a sex addict intervention with my father and mee-maw if I didn’t attend this class.”
“Smut?” Andy asked.
She licked her lips, remembering the last time she’d had them wrapped around his penis. “A few magazines and a toy. She blew things out of proportion, and now I’m here to make sure she doesn’t tell my mee-maw. That’s all.”

What’s a cowboy to do when the love of his life puts him on a boot-knocking schedule?
In hopes of having a baby, Jenny sets a strict sex schedule. For Aaron, the zealous plan takes the fun and freedom away from their sex life, leading to stress and irritability on both of their sides.
To make the baby they both want and survive each other’s tempers until that day, Aaron proposes a little smut therapy, but getting Jenny to agree will require more than words.

“Are you going to just stand there, you, you, stinking cowboy?” Jenny grabbed aplastic cup from the coffee table and threw it at him, hitting him in the chest. “I was going to go clean the barn, but if you’re not going to help me with my boots then I guess we’re both going to be losers.”

Her breasts heaved with every breath. She wore his favorite tight pink tank top. Just like her snug jeans, it hugged all the right places. She bitched about being built like a boy, but Aaron sure as hell didn’t see the similarities. Maybe she was a little short, but her ass curved, breasts beckoned, and even spouting flames, he wanted her.

Concentrated sexy change was about to arrive at the A & J Ranch. He needed it. She needed it. Patience and understanding hadn’t cut through Jenny’s welling emotions in the past. Wrapped up with negative thoughts, she wasn’t going to be the one to break them out of their funk. And Aaron couldn’t stand being at odds with his wife any longer.

He pushed away from the counter and strolled toward her, taking his time with each step because he knew the lazy swagger drove her crazy. He was the “stinking cowboy” in their relationship, the same as he’d been the day they’d married, nearly five years earlier. Jenny seemed to have forgotten he also knew how to rope her up and make her scream.

As if his calm, quiet approach made her think, she dropped the pillow she held and refused to meet his gaze. Next, she’d cry and let out all her feelings in an avalanche of self-doubt. Even though he loved her and wanted openness, neither of them needed another trip down Emotional Lane.

Aaron nudged her chin up until she looked at him, tears sparkling in her eyes.
“I found your boots outside on the deck after I watered the grass. They’re ruined and I’m glad. They were ugly.”

Fire sparked in her azure gaze, tears gone. “What? You destroyed them?”
“Total loss.”

She shoved his chest. “Jeez, Aaron. You are such a jerk sometimes. Why didn’t you check first? You know where I leave my boots. I swear you do stuff like this just to make me insane.”

He snagged her elbows when she moved to push him again. He didn’t mind her physical nature, but it was time to channel the anger somewhere productive. She glared at him, but he grinned.

“You want me to make you crazy, Jenny? I can do that.”

Donna is on the hunt for a cowboy to ride into the sunset. So far, she’s had fun, but nothing special enough to settle down with just one man. Cal’s plan is about to be set into action. After months of watching Donna go through cowboys, he’s done his homework and is ready to offer her everything she wants. When Donna’s real desires come to life, Cal will have to think on his feet if he wants to satisfy her.

Stephanie Beck is a full time mom, part time writer and armature speller.
She's been writing since she was fifteen. Her first novel, "Love on the Mats" was a graphic, heartwarming tale of a wrestler and a cutie coed which was lovingly edited by the c-squad basketball team on the long bus rides throughout the season. They were all sure it would be published and it still has a home in a folder...somewhere.
Stephanie Beck loves romance and all things romantic, heart warming and usually funny, though a more serious piece will find its way in occasionally.
In her spare time she knits and sews, walks the dog, plays with her three wonderful children and tries to get her husband to act out the naughty things she researches...oh the sacrifices she makes for her craft.

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  1. I totally feel reading is the easiest vacation and way to meet new people ever invented.

    Stephanie, Vanessa reading this post was the most fun I have ever had fully clothed!

    Jackie B Central Texas

    1. My dad always said the same thing about reading being a cheap and easy way to see the world.

      I'm glad you enjoyed it!!

      Stephanie Beck

  2. Thanks for having me, Vanessa :)

    Stephanie Beck

  3. I completely agree with Jackie! It is the best vacation on can take. Not to mention, nothing can live up to what I have created in my head from an author's writing.

    I love this excerpt!

    bournmelissa at hotmail dot com