Monday, May 14, 2012

Review: The Lost Lord by Danella Faye

The Lost Lord

eBook, 122 pages
Published April 10th 2012
ISBN 13: 9781467526
Source: Author, for the purpose of an honest review
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Series: The Veils, book #1
Stars: 4.5
Flames: 4
Reviewed by: Wendy

It’s been just under 200 years since Abby was turned into a vampire. She is turned one week after she meets Lucas, a Vampire Lord and bastard son of the Vampire King. Abby didn’t know Lucas was a Vampire from the Paranormal Realm who crossed thru “The Veils” to hunt down his half-brother and next in line to be Vampire King, Vance.  Abby meets Lucas just prior to the Battle at Gettysburg while he is hunting down Vance to bring him to trial in the paranormal realm. Abby is instantly drawn to Lucas as he is to her for they are true mates. Lucas is captured by Vance and imprisoned by him in the paranormal Realm.

Vance wants to see The Veils destroyed and to take over as King in the Human Realm. He has taken possession of the Vampire Blade: the magic imbued sword of the king, and has used it to start the decay of The Veils and destruction of the Paranormal Realm. . If the Veils Fall, both the Human and Paranormal Realms well be destroyed. Lucas is captured by Vance and imprisoned by him in the paranormal Realm. Vance tells Abby that Lucas was killed in the battle and while she is searching the battle field to locate his remains, Vance attacks and turns her. Until this point she didn’t know that Lucas and Vance were Vampires. Vance gives Abby 200 years to search for Lance then he will claim her as his Blood-Mate.

Her 200 years are up and Vance who has been busy raising an army of turned vampires has finally come to claim Abby. Since Abby is able to contact the spirits of the dead and has decided that since she has never been able to make contact with Lucas’s spirit that he is still alive somewhere. But she is out of time and she would rather kill Vance, hence destroying herself along with every other vampire Vance has ever sired. She tries to fight him off anyway and Vance tells her to just submit because Lucas is dead, he killed him himself. Vance allows her another day to accept her fate.

Abby leaves to return to Gettysburg as this is the anniversary of Lucas’s disappearance and her turning. Lucas has managed to escape prison and has crossed thru the Veils to finally destroy Vance. He finds Abby standing by the well where they first met…..

I really enjoyed this book. Its only 199 pages but Ms. Faye weaves a great story, with terrific world building and truly likeable characters in such few pages. The histories of the characters and events are woven in to the progressing story and not just dumped on you in a huge lengthy description. This is something that has caused me to not finish more than one book. The chain of events flows as you are drawn into Abby’s life and those around her.  The relationship between her and Lucas is well written and believable. Even though they only spent 1 week together before Lances disappearance, Ms. Faye writes Love at first sight as lust at first site which quickly turns into more. Even though Abby and Lucas end up having amazing sex just shortly after being reunited after 200 years, Abby does not give in to his demands to Blood-Mate immediately and tells him that she is not the same woman she was when they first met.  Lucas is an Alpha male but he grudging accepts this for the moment and doesn't try to prevent Abby from trying to stop Vance. Their love for each other is obvious but does not cause a need to up-chuck. The sex scenes are well written and steamy, the story rolls along smoothly with no lag. And there are also Were-shifters, Faeries, Demons, Witches and of course Zombies! There is also a sword and knife stealing pet skunk named Leonard and very well described Were-shifter brothers and a few more Vampire hotties that will hopefully be featured in the next books in the series. I recommend this read. If you like the Paranormal-Romance with a great plot and some good smut rolled in you will enjoy this book.

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