Sunday, May 6, 2012

Review: Jealous and Freakn by Eve Langlais


ebook, 231 pages
Published November 18th 2011 by self published
ISBN 13: 9780986915468
Source: Purchased for self
Genre: Paranormal Romance, humor, m/f/m menage
Series: Freakn' Shifters #2
Best read in order: yes
Stars: 3
Flames: 4

I love reading a female who is not scared to go out and get what she wants by any means necessary. When Francine was ten years old she told Mitchell, “You know we’re ment to be together, so just admit it.” Too many years later she has decided perhaps a healthy dose of jealousy is what he needs to make him wake up and smell her wolfie!

Alejandro is on board with making Mitchell jealous. He can clearly see all Francine’s attributes. He is even hoping to get to know some of her attributes more intimately. They decide staying at her place would be a great jealously starting point. Alejandro soon discovers that he is strongly attracted to her. He loves her raunchy sense of humor, wants her delectably curvy body, and his kitty is purring for him to claim her.

Mitchell has grown up with Francine. Francine and Mitchell’s sister Naomi have been besties forever. Mitchell has always seen Francine as another baby sister. He continues to use the sister feelings as an excuse to avoid the obvious, he wants Francine. The problem is he doesn’t want Francine until someone else has taken notice of her.

I had Mitchell issues. He was a ginormous jerk. He was almost even cruel to Francine at times. I do have to admit though, his attitude made for interesting reading. I knew Francine would bring him to heel, I was dying to see just how it would happen. I was just disappointed in his actions even after he had claimed her though. He knew what he was getting into and he still jerked Francine around about it. Alejandro was awesomely yummy and a great catch in a mate. He complimented Francine well. Their sense of humor and personalities worked well together.

Readers are given plenty of page time with Naomi, Ethan and Javier. I loved seeing how their relationship has progressed. Readers are given more of Naomi and her delusions of delicateness, while her two mates feed and pamper that huge delusion. As with all of Langlais’ books there is plenty of humor to keep you giggling through the pages. 

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  1. I read Delicate Freakin' Flower and loved it. I also purchased Jealous and Freakin'. Now I just have to find time to read it.
    Great review.