Saturday, May 5, 2012

Betty Midnight Guest Post and Giveaway

The Diva Betty Midnight has cruised by today to share some of her thoughts and books with us. Let's give her a big Diva welcome!

I’ve been writing so much paranormal erotic stories lately, that sometimes I forget to stop and enjoy the real sex in life, the contemporary romance stuff that still has that hot touch that I can’t resist, nor can my readers.
Over the holidays, I was deep in a book, written with my friend, Ava Michaels, titled Hadyn Heat.  The book is the first of four featuring a shapeshifting wolf named Hadyn.  His urges are out of control and he enjoys men and women.  Within this story, I touched on some action and adventure.  When that finished up, I quickly ran into a series titled Sex n’ Vampires.  I couldn’t help myself with the title nor the series.  It has four twin sisters, one by one, going into the woods, to be greeted by a different vampire.  The vampires lust for the women as much as the women lust for vampires.  The series is quick and was so much fun to write.  So far, readers have loved it.
As I started going through my “to-do-next” pile, a story caught my eye.  It was a book I started way back in September, one that I never finished because my confidence just wasn’t there.  Well, guess what?  My confidence is there.  More than just there, because as I started to read what I had wrote, I got mad at myself when it stopped.  I had myself hooked.  Better yet, it’s an erotic romance book.  The titled is Settled in Bed and it’s steamy… really steamy.  It got me thinking about my other erotic romance books featuring a more contemporary setting.  We often fantasize about creatures and sexy beings like werewolves and vampires, but don’t forget, regular man and woman sex is the original sex and quite often, the best sex.  There’s nothing like it and when writing it – and reading it – it’s fun because it’s the kind of sex that can happen.  Plus, writing in the emotional connections and creating a book that drips with heat is just fun.

Since I’m here, I figure why not give some books away… so here’s what I’m offering. 
I’m going to give away a copy of my debut novel – Just the Sex, Please.  I love this book.  I really, really do.  There was one problem with it… when it first came out, it was way over priced.  I complained and won the battle.  Now it sits at $2.99, which is the price I wanted it to be. 
The second book I’m going to give away is called The Christmas Proposal.  Don’t let the name fool you, this book is hot.  This one too started out a little high but I managed to win that fight too. 
What I want you to do is comment here and talk to me… tell me your thoughts – do you prefer to read paranormal erotic romance or contemporary erotic romance?  Why?
I’ll be giving away a copy of each book (in any ebook format of your choice) to two different commenting people, chosen at random.  (One person will win a copy of Just the Sex, Please and the other will win a copy of The Christmas Proposal.)

Here’s the blurbs of the books…

Just the Sex, Please –

Meet Tyler - a stud who can get any woman, any time he wants. But Tyler has a little problem... he can't finish... it's been going on for a little while now and the thought of never finishing with a woman again starts to get to him…

Meet Kirstin - a good girl trapped in a relationship, desperate for some kind of excitement in life, who finally decides to get out of the relationship...

As Kirstin's breakup attempt blows up in her face, she finds comfort in the arms of a stranger – Tyler. 

Soon feelings start to bloom and as Kirstin faces her own demons of finding herself and happiness, Tyler must come to terms that maybe there is someone for him, because Kirstin is now the only woman he sleeps with that he could finish with...

But as they keep crossing paths, something always seems to be in the way... is it meant to be for Tyler and Kirstin? Or is it Just the Sex, Please... 

The Christmas Proposal –

Lizzy and David each have problems… 

Lizzy has lied to her father, too afraid to tell him that she isn’t engaged anymore. Now her father thinks he’s going to meet her fiancé when she comes home for Christmas.

David has lied to his family, telling them he’s spending Christmas with his new girlfriend. Now his family wants proof of his new girlfriend.

Together, they think of what appears to be a simple plan… David pretends to be Lizzy’s fiancé and in return Lizzy will pretend to be David’s girlfriend.

It’s easy enough, that is, until Lizzy’s father takes a liking to David – and so does Lizzy.
Soon, in front of a roaring fire on Christmas Eve, David shares his growing feelings for Lizzy and the lines between real and fake are mixed.

A list of ALL Betty Midnight’s books:

Betty's Blog

Betty's Twitter!/bettymidnight

I will announce the winner on Saturday April 12.


  1. I like both, but my favorite is contemporary erotica. I like it because it could be my fantasy. I know the possibility of meeting some of these guys and experiencing their lovemaking skills are as about as good as the chance as me winning the lottery, but a girl can hope! One of my favorite themes is when two people have to fake an engagement. So because of that, I hope to win The Christmas Proposal. Thanks!

  2. I like reading both but I haven't really got to read much contemporary erotica but I would love to read more. Please enter me in contest.

  3. oooh, both of these books sound really fun! Personally, I love contemporary erotic, but I honestly love both genres! Adding these two to my wish list! smiles....

  4. Great post. They both sound really good,and fun to read! Thank you for shaing. I really Enjoy reading both the dinffernt genres :)

  5. Thanks for sharing these two books with us - Just the Sex, Please looks good. I prefer contemporary romance just because I usually like it more and can relate more. I'm just not that imaginative I guess.

    bas1chsemail at gmail dot com

  6. Thank you for sharing both your books with us and the blurbs sound wonderful for both.
    I love both paranormal & contemporary as long as the stories are great and I can connect with the characters in a good emotional way. Love them all..*S*
    Thank you for the giveaway, and I'm adding many of your books to my gotta have list right now...*S*


  7. Great excerpts! I like bothbut I have a tendancy to read more paranormal. I just like the magical spin it puts on the story! Thanks for the giveaway!!

  8. Very nice post. I prefer the paranormal ones because the stories are more interesting and include a lot of different types of creatures.


  9. Though I like reading erotic romances, I'm a big paranormal fan and enjoy reading paranormal erotica. I have read many contemporary erotica, too, and really enjoyed them.

    Tracey D
    booklover0226 at gmail dot com

  10. I definitely like to read both kinds and I guess it just depends on the mood I'm in if I want to read something normal or not.

  11. I like to read both, though I think that paranormal romances tend to be more explicit when it comes to sex than contemporary romances.

  12. I like both. I cant choose one. And depending one the day, my answer will change. You books sound great! Thanks for sharing! ;)

  13. I read both, but prefer paranormal. Reading is my escape from reality so it works best for me when what I'm reading is not possible. Thank you again Betty for stopping by and sharing your thoughts and books to my followers!