Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Review: A Blood Seduction by Pamela Palmer


A Blood Seduction (goodreads.com)

By: Pamela Palmer (author website)

Paperback, 1st Edition, 384 pages

Expected publication: May 29th 2012 by Avon

ISBN 13: 9780062107497

Source: Publisher, for the purpose of an honest review

Genre: Urban Fantasy

Series: Vamp City, book #1

Stars: 5

Flames: 2

I read something outside of my genre comfort zone, way outside of it and I loved it. I’ve read Pamela’s Feral Warrior series and loved them. When I discovered she was going to write a vampire series it was instantly a must read. Then once I dived into the scary world of Washington V.C (Vamp City) I discovered something. I did not have a paranormal romance in my hand. I had an Urban Fantasy. A very dark world where vampires are cruel and no one ever does anything without very selfish motives. There’s also a Jeep Wrangler driving anti-hero.

Quinn Lennox has known she is different her whole life. Strange things have always happened to her and around her. She has tried to hide her differences, especially from her brother who she has a very close relationship with. The frequency of the oddities have escalated in the past few months. In an attempt to help her brother find his missing friend they both get sucked down the rabbit hole and into an alternate world where they have instantly became food, game, sport and slave labor.

There were so many things that I utterly enjoyed about A Blood Seduction. I liked the dark violence the most. I enjoy my villains to be evil to the max. The vampires that call Vamp City home are beyond cruel. Not only do the vamps feed on blood but they feed off of emotions too, many feed on fear and pain. They also only care for themselves. The magic that protects the alternate world from human discovery and from the sun has begun to fail. They are actively seeking a sorcerer powerful enough to keep their world from killing them, which was the original sorcerers plan to begin with.

Quinn’s only desire is to find her brother and get out of Vamp City. The problem is that she has been captured and her captor plan to keep her as his slave. Arturo is a vampire and a master manipulator. He wants Quinn pliable and he wants her to trust him. He lies and tells her many half truths to get her trust. The things that he does to her are shocking, unbelievable and continuous. Quinn is easily likeable. She is loyal to the only person in either world that she loves, her brother. She wants him to escape Vamp City with her and she refuses to leave him behind. She also amazing strong in the face of continuously impossible situations. 

I think that there is the possibility of a romance between Quinn and Arturo in future books. Readers are given one incredibly hot sex scene between the vamp and Quinn, but he is still loyal to himself first and foremost. The last chapter is full of shockers that have me wanting the next book in the series now. Pamela has given readers a complex world, numerous characters that leave you curious and wanting more, an intriguing anti hero and a heroine that has some amazing backbone. 



  1. oooh, 5 stars. I'm intrigued, but I'm not a huge UF fan. I may have to give this one a shot though... Great review! smiles!

  2. Oh now I want to read this book also. Thanks