Friday, April 27, 2012

Review: The Girls' Guide to Dating Zombie by Lynn Messina

Paperback, 242 pages
Published February 14th 2012 by Potatoworks Press
ISBN 13: 9780984901814
Source: Tour/Author, for the purpose of an honest review
Genre: Chic-Lit, zombie
Stars: 4
Flames: 1
Reviewed by: Vanessa

Guess what happens when Some Like It Hot, Zombieland, and Sex in the City get all mixed up and turn into a book…The Girls’ Guide to Dating Zombies and it is a must read. This book has too many great elements to list so I’m giving you the short list, humor, conspiracy theories, a mad scientist looking for world domination, girlfriend hanging out and talking boyzombs, and of course a happily ever after. I didn’t think I was going to get a happily ever after here and I got a surprising interesting one.

99.9999% of all human males succumbed to the H1Z1 variant Y plague twenty years ago. Men are now zombies. Hattie was only six years old when this happened. She has no clue what she is missing. She’s bright, young, witty, and a silver lining type of gal. To make the most out of an impossible situation she has written “The Girls’ Guide to Dating Zombies.” There are enough zombaceuticals on the market that it is not as eww of an experience as one would think. She has also been given the assignment of a lifetime by the paper (tabloid rag) that she works for… a profile on the top zombaceutical empires CEO.

I enjoyed reading Hattie and her impossible situation. The impossible situation is not suffered by only Hattie. Every heterosexual female who wants to have sex with a breathing man is affected. While reporting on her new assignment she uncovers so many shocking things that she doesn’t know what to do any longer. Some of the shockers have her bumbling and fumbling at every moment. Some of the secrets she uncovers has her running for her life. I also enjoyed that between chapters, readers a given a chapter of “The Girls’ Guide to Dating Zombies.” This just made the book even funnier.

The Girls’ Guide to Dating Zombies doesn’t fit into any genre perfectly. It is mostly chic-lit, but readers are given a nice mix of suspense and romance with their small helping of humorous zombie apocalypse. I recommend this to any reader who enjoys chic-lit yet would like to dip their toes into the zombie apocalypse pool.

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  1. I think you did an excellent job listing the great elements. Thank you for such a wonderful review. I'm glad you enjoyed the book!