Thursday, April 26, 2012

Review: Darker After Midnight by Lara Adrian


Darker After Midnight (

By: Lara Adrian (author website)

Hardcover, 369 pages

Published January 24th 2012 by Random House Publishing Group

ISBN 13: 9780345530875

Source: Purchased for Self

Genre: Paranormal Romance

Series: Midnight Breed, book #10

Best read in order: yes

Stars: 5

Flames: 3

Darker After Midnight picks up just a few hours after Deeper Than Midnight. The book starts of with a bang and the action is non stop from the very first pages. Dragos still manages to throw more shocking events into the mix and Lara manages to unveil even more revelations into what I consider the best vampire paranormal romance series that you can find on a bookshelf. If you have not read this series yet stop what you are doing right now and go buy Kiss of Midnight.
I have to admit I was worried going into this book. Chase and his Bloodlust affliction was not a struggle I was looking forward to reading an entire book of. After reading a couple of chapters I was very pleased to see how the Bloodlust was done with his character and the overall flow of Darker After Midnight. I was also shocked at some of the emotions that he showed. His character, his past and the struggles that he has kept hidden were surprising at times.

Tavia was a great match for Chase. The last we saw Tavia she was getting a good look at Chase as he gunned down a personal friend of the senator that she works for. When readers see her next she is at the police station with that information. I liked her open-mindedness. Chase who she believes is a crazed murderer is telling her to beware of Dragos. She has the common sense to actually question her employer. She also takes the news that the world is not what she thought very well. She was an easy heroine to love. 

Readers got plenty of page time with the couples from the previous books. Jenna is having some nightmares due to the biotech that the Ancient left in her. This is another bit of revelations that has me beyond curious as to where Lara will take it. Baby Xander is giving the Breedmates baby fever, which I think is too cute!

The evolution of the Breed that was revealed in Darker After Midnight was very interesting. I cannot wait to see what Lara does with that. I also cannot wait to see how the last Dragos bombshells effects the world she has gotten me addicted to. For what I understand Lara is going to continue writing the Breed books, but in the future, starting with Mira’s book. The way this book ended has me anxiously awaiting to see how her changed Breed world will effect the children of the couples I have so thoroughly enjoyed reading.

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