Monday, April 2, 2012

Review: Double Bang by KyAnn Waters and Tarah Scott

By: KyAnn Waters & Tarah Scott (author website)

eBook, 34 pages
Published April 29th 2011 by The Wile Rose Press
Source: Author, for the purpose of review
Genre: Erotic Romance, ménage
Stars: 4
Flames: 4

Some short novellas really impress me with the amount of plot, sex, and build up into a climatic ending that can creatively be put into so few pages and not feel rushed or pushed. Waters and Scott did that successfully with Double Bang.
Sara works at an import company. She is good at her job. She is so good at what she does that she notices a network breech that should have never been noticed. In her haste to shut down the breech and notify her employer she walks right into the arms of the co-worker she secretly lusts after.
Devon has spent months on his current operation. The beautiful and sharply intelligent Sara is about to blow it all. She has discovered some of what he is really doing while working for the export company. In an effort to keep her from informing anyone of his doings he must remove her from the picture. How better to do that than to take her to his hotel room where his partner can meet with them?
 Sara soon realizes that things are very different that she initially expected and now she is stuck in a hotel room with her office crush and her sexy neighbor. Sara, Rigg and Devon have no problems figuring out ways to pass the time.
The title implies exactly what Sara is in for and wow do Rigg and Devon scorch the pages in their delivery. This short novella definitely fits in to the erotic category. The sex isn’t meaningless. The characters have a history and an attraction that has led them to this place in time. Readers get some hot moments between this trio.
There was a different happily after ending. I haven’t read this type before so it was new. Don’t get me wrong there was a happily ever after, but it was different than I expected. It was not disappointing, I just saw something different coming.

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