Friday, March 2, 2012

The Unwrapped by Rory Michaels

eBook, (read in under an hour, page count unknown)
Published January 8th 2012 by Raven Books
Source: Publisher, for the purpose of an honest review
Genre: Erotic Romance, Menage
Series: Macon Valley Menage, book #5
Best read in order: no, each works as a stand alone
Stars: 4
Flames: 4

I love this erotic short novella series. They are a perfect short read when you are looking for something quick to read. I like to read a mix of books. These novellas work great just to break the monotony up. I read mostly paranormals with varying degrees of sexual heat. I think this series works perfectly to whet my pallet with something different. I know when I sit down to read any of the Macon Valley Menage books that I’m going to get an erotic filled tale of two male lovers finding their one special female.  

Tony and Carver have had a sexual relationship for years. They have always been on the lookout for the one woman to bring into their lives. Vicki is that woman. The problem is that she has been seeing Tony and he’s asked her to keep their relationship a secret. He has been keeping their relationship a secret from his lover, Carver. Things come to the breaking point when Vicki is tired of feeling like Tony’s dirty little secret and Carver finally informs Vicki of his attraction to her. Now Carver and Tony need to make her see that they both want her and that she is the perfect woman to fill the void in their imperfect relationship. 

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