Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Review: Dark Diary by Dawne Dominique

eBook, 208 pages or so the Kindle claims
Published August 9th 2010 by Purple Sword Publications LLC
ISBN 13: 9781936165537
Source: Author, for the purpose of an honest review
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Series: The First, book #2
Best read in order: no, both work as a stand alone
Stars: 4
Flames: 3

I found something interesting in the pages of Dark Diary that I’m almost positive that I’ve never read before. The female Daniella is the centuries old vampire that has always lived her life as a loner and never taken a long term lover, much less a human lover for the long term. She has secrets that need to remain hidden. A man with a job in law enforcement would never work. He would have too many questions that she could never answer. Aiden is a human detective that meets a captivating female while he is working his punishment case of a breaking and entry. I liked this perspective. It was new, something different.

Daniella is also one of The First. She was born with the need to feed on blood. She is very different from her vampire kin. The differences is the main reason she has lived as alone as possible throughout the years. Things are about to change for her though. A random burglary has set a rather horrific chain of events into fast motion, placed circumstances onto her doorstep, sent a serial killer bombarding into her life and hurting the few people she holds dear.

Aiden had been investigating a string of puzzling and viscous murders when his captain sends him out on a breaking and entering case. He’s pissed that he’s been pulled from the serial killer case due to an arrest gone wrong, now he gets reprimanded in the form of a B&E case that he feels is beneath him. The problem is that he cannot seem to take his mind off of the female whose home was broken into. She is in his every thought and even invading his dreams and fantasies.

I am pleased to see that the next book in the series continues with Aiden and Daniella still as the main characters. I liked them together. They brought out qualities in each other that they never knew they had. I am also eager to see what the “changes that are coming.” The first chapter and the last chapter are written as Daniella’s confessions into a diary, her dark diary.   

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