Friday, March 30, 2012

3 Star Rating Event, an authors thoughts

Please welcome Virna DePaul. She is the very talented lady behind the Para-Ops series. She has stopped by today as part of the 3 Star Rating event that Bitten By Paranormal Romance has put together.

Most authors do not react favorably to  a 3-star review.  It's not horrible.  It's not something we can't work past.  But we still don't like them.  Sure, a 3-star review isn't as “bad” as a 1 or a 2-star review, but in a way it’s far harder to swallow. Writers are regularly taught that getting reviews on both ends of the spectrum (5 stars and 1 stars) is preferred because it at least means our story has evoked some strong emotion, be it good or bad.  In many writers’ minds, a 3-star review means the reader responded to our story quite…tepidly.  In other words, she could take it or leave it.  She could put it down to do other things…and probably to pick up a different book.  She might even think of it as…”meh” or “forgettable.” If too many readers feel this way about a writer’s work, it could mean the slow, painful death of a career.  There’s always that “better” author or story in the TBR pile.

In looking at some of the 3-star reviews I’ve gotten, here are some of the things readers have said: “Can’t get into it.”  “I've actually picked this up a few times and put it down.”  “I admit to being slightly disappointed with this book.”  Now, it’s true that these same reviews also had complimentary things to say about the stories.  “I enjoyed this or that” or “I really loved this,” but those “good” things always seem overshadowed by the inescapable feeling that I, the author, didn’t give the reader the exhilarating experience she was hoping for. 

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  1. great author post. Do you think authors would prefer a review without any rating attached?

  2. Thanks for having me here, Nessa! I think this event is a great educational tool for readers, authors, etc! :-) Sharon, glad you enjoyed the post! I'm not positive I'd prefer reviews without any rating. But I certainly appreciate the time and effort most reviewers take to review books. We can't expect anything more than an honest opinion, and that means taking the good, bad, and average reactions alike. When I get a 5 star rating, it's an amazing, wonderful feeling--and one that would probably lose significance if I never got my fair share of the lower ones. Then again, the trade off might be worth it! LOL :D Anyway, thanks again!!

  3. P.S. Love the site's new look!!!

  4. I never thought of a 3★ like that. I usually use those quotes associated with your 3★ to my 2★ reviews, the books that I found difficult to get through and sometimes did put down to take a break from them to read another book. Great post. I love hearing how authors perceive their reviews.

  5. I see the 3 stars as an above average and enjoyable read! Yesterday most of the people who commented on my blog said they trust a 3 star review more than 4's or 5's! We have to see the bright side of things!