Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Review: Lesser-Bred: Marked by Adrienne Wilder

Lesser-Bred: Marked

Publisher: Gray Zone publishing (January 28, 2012)
ASIN: B00734L8UW
Source: Purchased for self
Genre: Dark Fantasy
Series: Lesser-Bred
Best read in order: yes
Stars: 5

I love how Wilder’s books give her readers little snippets into the lives of her characters. The last we saw of Alex and Mike they were beginning a new chapter in their lives, a chapter where they were no longer best friends. A chapter where one found that he was no longer even human. That was twelve years ago in Lesser-Bred Stained. Alex has since become a sheriff deputy and Mike has grown quite used to being Lesser-Bred.

Alex still has some deep issues when it comes to all that happened twelve years ago on that camping trip and his hospital stay there after. The closure and answers he needed were never received. These issues lead him strait to accusing Mike of the murder that has occurred in the town in which he now works and calls home. Alex still views Mike and everything Kin as monsters. Blaming him for murder and being a serial killer is not too far of a stretch.

Lesser-Bred: Marked was a very emotional read. Alex has to come to terms with some things that he hoped never to have to face. Mike has missed his best friend. He knows that his becoming scared Alex, hell it scared him too. Reading how these two men came back together to rediscover their friendship and try to knit the fracture was remarkable. Alex gets to learn about an entire race of beings, a race of being that he has loathed while trying to find the serial killer among them.

As with Wilder’s books her characters don’t get a definitive happily ever after. This chapter of Alex and Mike’s life has come to a close. There is a happily for now. The issue and conflict has been wrapped up. There is not a cliffhanger to frustrate. There is the opening that readers will see more of Alex. His career choices and changes are going to put him in Atlanta, (where some of Wilder’s other books takes place with her Kin.) There are several sexual encounters, but I would no way classify this book as a romance.

***Be sure to check out Adrienne's website. She does illustrations of her characters!***

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