Saturday, February 25, 2012

Looking for a reviewer

I recently decided I should possibly look for someone to review on my site with me. If this is something that may interest you please email me at vanessa @ thejeepdiva . com. I turn down requests from authors and I really hate doing that. I am sure I have passed up some fantastic books.

I would just need who ever was interested to have an eReader. All of the books I get for review come in an electronic format.

Of course who ever responds needs to understand that you would be required to read the books that you accept. You would be responsible for creating a thoughtful and honest review of the book that you had read.

I've never done this blogging book reviews with someone so it would be a learning experience for both of us and I'm sure we would have to bumble our way though some things at first. I'm fairly easy going and accommodating.

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