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Review: A Brazen Love Worth Fighting For by Rita Sawyer


A Brazen Love Worth Fighting For (

By: Rita Sawyer (webpage)


eBook, 180 pages

Published October 14th 2009 by Siren Publishing

ISBN: 9781606016022

Source: Purchased for self

Genre: Romance

Series: Brazen Sisters, Book #1

Stars: 4

Flames: 4


This is a very enjoyable book that revolves around six extremely close sisters. These women are very independent and would do anything to see that they remain a close knit thriving family. Jessica, the oldest of the Brazen women in an impulsive act got married. Her husbands job took him to another country for three years, without her. Jessica had to stay with her sisters. She’s the backbone of the family and she has to see that the younger sisters are raised properly. Jessica and her sisters have a family business to run. It takes all six women doing their own part to see that they prosper. Jessica doesn’t see where there is any room for a husband in this and writes Victor asking for a divorce.

Victor is back home from the job that took him away for three years and is ready to work things out with the wife that he is very much still in love with. He knows there is more to the divorce demand than Jessica is telling him. He’s decided to do anything and everything possible to prove to Jessica that he still loves her, still wants her, and will never leave her again. The only problem is she is hiding something and won’t let him in. These two are very persistent in trying to get what they want. Jessica wants the divorce papers signed and Victor on the road out of town NOW! Victor wants his wife to give up on these ridiculous divorce notions and start confiding in him so that he can perform his role as a husband and start taking care of her.

These sisters are great. I really felt a tight sisterly bond between them. They sacrifice so much to see that each are happy. They’ve been taking care of each other for so long that they have difficulties letting anyone in. I will definitely continue this series. I’m looking forward to Bobbie’s book. If she is giving Jake this much hell this early in the series I can only imagine what their book will be. buy link

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