Monday, October 3, 2011

Review: Night Walker by Lisa Kessler

Paperback, 266 pages
Published August 2nd 2011 by Entangled Publishing
Source: Author for the purposes of an honest review
Genre: Paranormal Romance
ISBN 13: 9781937044138
Series: The Night, book 1
Stars: 3
Flames: 3

Night Walker is told in the present with numerous snippets into Kate/Tala’s past life with Calisto/Gregorio. This made for the sweetest love story. The readers get to see Calisto fall in love twice. It also allows for the instant intense attraction between Kate and Calisto to be completely plausible. Calisto gave up his mortality after losing Tala. The man who made him into a Night Walker told him he would have her again. After waiting for over two hundred years he gets that chance. He can’t let this opportunity pass him by. Kate feels like has known Calisto all of her life. She has no problem trusting this complete stranger. The only problem is that Calisto is about to lose her to the same people that took her from him once before.

The emotions in this book are amazing. Kate and Calisto really have an eternal love. To have a chance to regain a love lost. The reincarnation of Tala didn’t take away from the individual that was Kate. I liked how that worked. Tala’s memories are like distant to dreams to Kate. These memories and dreams never take over who this present day Kate is. I also enjoyed how the author’s personal love for music was woven into this story.

I loved Calisto. The fact that the man seldom answers any question directly is awesome. The majority of the time he answers questions with another question. Characters point out this personality quirk and he still manages to waltz around the question. I also like that as a Night Walker (vampire) he can live off of the blood of animals, he can also take little drinks from humans and wipe their memories of the encounter, yet he chooses to completely drain evil, vile, scum of the earth humans. I also like the privacy respect that he showed towards his reincarnated eternal love.

I liked that Kate was not your clich├ęd heroine. She was not the tough gal who could take on anything. She was a typical human, when life stressed her and gave her a difficult decision to make she sought to change her surroundings. She got physically away from her problems and sorted them out without having to be in the vicinity of the cause of her troubles. Some might see this as running from a problem, but once she had a handle on things she did go back to face the cause of the initial problem. She just didn’t want to make any more rash decisions. She wanted to think things through with all of the facts available.

My issues were the supporting characters. They were small roles and they got into the way of an incredibly sweet love story. Kate’s two closest friends are polar opposites. One is an optimist the other is a pessimist. When Kate needs a friend to comfort her after a horrible experience she calls on the pessimist. Even though this friend is trying to give good sound advice Kate shuts her down with not wanting to be lectured. Then there is bitchy Betty. She is career oriented, intelligent, strong and very independent. Yet she manages to shack up with random bar guy (evil monk) very quickly and never thinks twice about it. These are just minor issues I had with characters that have very small roles in the whole of the book. This would have easily been a 4 star read for me without these diversions.

Night Demon book 2 is expected out in December. That is the only information I have found on the next book in the series. Two different Night Walker’s are mentioned in Night Walker though it is not mentioned who the next book will be about. The very last paragraph leads me to believe that the readers will see plenty more of Kate and Calisto. I will definitely continue reading this series. I am very curious about exactly what the last paragraph ment. 


  1. aahh I'm yet to read this! I got an ebook and just trying to finish the book I'm reading now so I can read this..
    I met and interviewed Lisa and it was so fun! if you'd like to check it out, here it is:

  2. yeah, im confused on the second book's release.. in my interview, she said in the spring

  3. Thanks for the review! :)

    I'm glad you enjoyed Night Walker!

    Night Demon will be out in the Spring and Calisto and Kate definitely play a part in the continuing story, but I can tell you that Lukas will be the main hero... :)


  4. Great review V!

    I have this one but haven't read it yet (story of my TBR life)! I do love the names that Lisa uses!

  5. I have been following this book and it is definitely on my wishlist. Thank you for sharing today.