Friday, September 9, 2011

Review: Her Warrior Angel by: Felicity Heaton

Published November 20th 2010
ISBN 13: 9781452344669
Source: Purchased for self
Genre: Erotic Fantasy Romance
Series: Her Angel #3
Stars: 4
Flames: 4

                Her Warrior Angel is the 3rd book in the very sexy Her Angel series. It is by far the most action packed novella of the series. At this point I do recommend reading the series in order. The demons that Einar, a hunter angel is pursuing were the demons that Lukas (Her Fallen Angel) saw at the warehouse.  Einar was also introduced very briefly at the end of the previous book. It was at that point in the 2nd book that the readers are given the reason why Einar has been brought to Earth to perform his hunter duties. The author does not do any rehashing, but it is really not needed.

                Einar has been sent to Earth to bring the demons who were working with Amaer to justice. The Heavenly Court has questions and they expect answers. There is a tiny problem Einar is not the only one hunting the demons. Taylor is half demon and she has devoted her life to protecting the weaker beings from evil demons. After a fight with the demons that Einar is seeking leaves Taylor injured and poisoned he has to save her. He lies to himself, tries to convince himself that he is just keeping her alive until he can get more information from of her. He knows exactly where this is headed, trouble. From the moment Taylor is in the arms of the sexy warrior angel she can’t stop flirting with him. She also can’t stop her fight or flight instincts. She’s a demon surely he has no intentions of helping her.

                The action in
Her Warrior Angel is non-stop. Both Einar and Taylor are warriors. They are hunting evil demons that are killing an insane amount of humans. The Heavenly Court wants to know why an angel was involved and why he was working with demons. The fight scenes are plentiful, thus the my adrenaline is revved up sex scenes are very present. I think this adds to the action in the bedroom. WOW, these two are intense on a very primal level. Einar is has a very dominating presence. This is a forbidden love. They can’t be together. Einar’s job as a hunter is to rid the world of demons. Taylor is half demon. I loved their story. It is very emotional. Be sure to keep a box of tissues on hand for the end. I’m really enjoying this series. Looking forward to Her Guardian Angel.

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