Thursday, September 8, 2011

Review: Her Fallen Angel by: Felicity Heaton

Published October 17th 2010 by Felicity Heaton
ISBN 13: 9781452329512
Source: Purchased for self
Genre: Erotic Fantasy Romance
Series: Her Angel # 2
Stars: 4
Flames: 4

                Her Fallen Angel picks up a year after Her Dark Angel in London. Lukas has fallen, in more ways than one. He has been punished for a crime against humanity that he did not commit. He has fought the punishment, has appealed the decision and he still continues to look for evidence to prove his innocence. During the three years since his punishment began he has been frequenting a bar. He has no interest in what the bar is serving. All of his interests lie with the server. Annelie has fallen in love with one of the patrons that frequent her bar. After Lukas has gone on a three week hiatus he returns to her bar and is shockingly drinking to the point of inebriation. Annelie knows something is wrong. It pains her to see Lukas clearly hurting. Lukas wants prove his innocence. Lukas wants to be with Annelie, forever. He wants to figure out how to have both of these. He knows that to prove his innocence he is going to need the help of Apollyon. Apollyon has access to a pool in Hell that when touched it will show what ones heart desires.

                I loved Lukas. He has had his life as an angel taken away from him. It’s all he has ever known and now he wants it back. He is at the point where he is almost lost. He goes to amazing lengths to prove his innocence. I think the fact that the main characters are both already in love with each other at the very beginning of this novella is one of the aspects that makes the romance in it work so well. The instant “I love you’s” are sometimes so hard to believe. Presenting the characters of this book in love and still apart from the very beginning worked very well for me the reader. They love each other and they know this. The romance comes into the mix with when and how to share these feelings for one another with each other. Can they have a relationship with him being an immortal angel and she being a very mortal bar maid? I loved the romance of Her Fallen Angel! Heaton has written these two characters feelings for one another so passionately. And of course there are some scorching hot erotic sex scenes.

                I also want to point out that I LOVE the fact that Lukas wears boxers. It seems every book I read there is a man running round without his drawers. In those fighting action books that just seems like it would have to chafe. OH he’s commando. Yeah, it’s sexy for a romance book I know this. Books are fantasies and not what is going on in real life. 


  1. What is it about heros going commando?! I swear an author needs to address chaffing in a book one of these days! Thanks for the review!

  2. Thanks for the great review!

    Love that you noted he wears boxers! That made me smile.

    It's rare for one of my heroes to be a no undies kinda guy as I'm fairly certain most men, even the gorgeous ones, are wearing something down there to keep things comfortable... and angels are no different :)

    My husband looks horrified if I mention the whole commando-obsession thing to him.

    Plus... a guy can look hawt strolling around the apartment in only his boxers (not those little skimpy pants though, the sort three year old boys wear as they just don't do it for me) or trunks and it gives his woman something to imagine tearing off him.

    Heck, even the majority of my vampires know that undies is the way to go.



    p.s my word verification was vaguely dirty sounding and appropriate to this comment - phallat... heck... that's close to another word.

  3. Another great review!! Gonna add this one to my Nook wishlist too!!! I like men both cammando & wearing boxers!!! Course tearing off boxers is always fun!!!! ;-D