Monday, July 18, 2011

Review: Survivors by Sophie Littlefield

Published July 2011 by Harlequin
ISBN13: 978459207769
Source: Purchased for self
Genre: Zombie/Dystopian
Series: Aftertime 1.5
Stars: 4

                Life in the Box is about the safest place one can go in this Aftertime world. The guards constantly patrol to keep the Beaters away and the residents safe no matter how temporary their stay may be. Raiders bring in new and various supplies nightly. Dor sets the rules and people survive due to them. One of his rules is no children. He has made an exception with Cass’s daughter Ruthie. They’re with Smoke, and Smoke is his right hand man. One of the nightly raids brings a child and his dying grandmother into the box. The child is scared, starved, dehydrated and filthy. The grandmother is not long for the world. Cass and Smoke do what they can to find out as much information they can. The child is so traumatized that isn’t too sharing. They don’t want to see him turned out into the world, but there is the no child rule lingering in the background constantly.
                I love this series. The characters are real. The day to day life of survival is real. I think what I enjoy most about this series is the fact that it is survival with a side of zombie. Life is tough, it is even tougher in a new world with very limited resources. Cass is doing what she can with what little she has. She has her daughter back, she has her tent, with her guy, in the tent city inside the Box. This novella is part of a series and to completely understand how these survivors got to the Box and why they ended up at the Box you really have to read Aftertime

Rebith the 2nd full length novel in this series goes on sale tomorrow!

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