Monday, March 7, 2011

Sophie Littlefield & J.T. Ellison signing

On Friday March 4, 2011 I had the pleasure of meeting JT Ellison and Sophie Littlefield. They are currently being chauffeured around by Ellison’s husband doing a book tour. These ladies are highly amusing! I have been to quite a few book signings. I have never laughed tears down my face at one. You would think they are running around on a stand-up comedy tour or perhaps promoting humorous books.  They are actually promoting zombie apocalypse and crime thriller.

In downtown Dickson, TN you will find Reading Rock Books. I love books stores. I LOVE used book stores. These folks have combined the best of both worlds. They sell new and used books. They have quite a selection of both. The store is well organized and everything is very easy to locate and the shelves are labeled well. Reading Rock Books also has a very pleasant staff. The bookstore also has a large room in the back that can comfortably seat a couple dozen people for author signings. There are cafes and boutiques and a variety of unique shops all around the store.  

J.T. Ellison has recently released her 6th Taylor Jackson book, So Close the Hand of Death. Ellison recommends Angel by Sarah MacLachlan. She also mentioned the very exciting new of a spin off series that she writing, Sam is going to get a series set in D.C.

Sophie Littlefield has just launched her new zombie apocalypse Aftertime trilogy. Book 1 (out now) is titled Aftertime. She recommends Pink’s Sober and Sheryl Crow’s Strong Enough to set the mood for the book. Book #2 Rebirth is expected out in August followed by Horizon in February. Someone (I really wish I could claim this, what wit) has recently described Aftertime as The Stand with bra and panties.

The staff at Reading Rock Books even utilized items from the books for the floral arrangements. The yellow roses are signed Love, M (Memphis) and then you have the kaysev from Aftertime.

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