Friday, March 4, 2011

Sea Fever by Virginia Kantra

Sea Fever (Children of the Sea, #2)

Mass Market Paperback, 304 pages
Published August 5th 2008 by Berkley
ISBN13: 9780425222973
Series: Children of the Sea #2
3 Stars, 3 Flames

                Book two in the Children of the Sea series starts off at the wedding of Caleb and Maggie. These are the main characters of the first book. Dylan is Caleb’s older, estranged brother. After reading the first book you come to know Dylan as a bit of a jerk who has distanced himself from everything human. I liked the jerkiness of Dylan. The way I see it is that there will be a female that will shape him into the better man that he has always had the potential to be. I highly recommend reading Sea Witch before you read this one. The author does not rehash what has occurred in the first book. (That’s a big plus in my opinion.)
                Dylan meets Regina at his brother’s wedding. Immediately upon meeting they have a hot and sexed up encounter on the beach, at the wedding reception. In the after sex conversation Dylan tells Regina that she won’t see him again. I have mentioned he is a jerk. Upon his return to his home at Caer Subai his prince Conn sends him on a mission. This mission is to keep an eye in the demon activity back on the island of Worlds End, Maine. This sends him right back to Regina. She has become the target of the demons. It is also because of Dylan’s time and contact with Regina that she has become the target of the demons.
                Regina has a bad history with men. She has an eight year old son who has never met his father to prove this point. She loves her son Nick and wants to give him the best life she can. She also does not want to give him any false hope that Dylan may be a man who sticks around. She is a great mother. Thus far she has managed without a man in their lives. When Dylan comes along as her protector she doesn’t push him away, but she is very careful with his presence around her son. I liked how Dylan was a character that really needed to make majorly huge evolvements, but he doesn’t. He does soften up a bit, but he remains for the most part as he was in the beginning. He does bring Regina and Nick into his life.

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  1. I think I have the first one in this series! I picked it up strictly so I could drool over the cover LOL (yes sometimes that happens)