Monday, March 21, 2011

Blood Moons By: Alianne Donnelly

Blood Moons

eBook, 190 pages
Published September 27th 2010 by Liquid Silver Books
ISBN: 9781595787637
Series: Blood Series #1
4 Stars
4 Flames (there is a little something extra with the couple that make their sex scenes incredibly hot)

                I’m not sure what I was expecting when I went into this book. I certainly got so much more than I thought possible. This is a great story. A girl is in prison with 200 males and 3 other females. Her cellmate is even male, a very scary one. How does this work for the happily ever after? Hello, enter in the genius writing of one Donnelly. She completely worked this with a happily ever after fairy tale ending. This is a futuristic sci-fi book that takes place in the year 3028. Individuals that are serving prison sentences are doing so on other planets. The government also utilizes the prisoners for their own means of advancement (sorry for being vague, but potential spoiler.)
                I liked Dara and Tristan’s story. He’s the bad boy. There is a reason this man is in a maximum security prison. The moment she walks into his cell he knows that he is going to have to protect her from all of the evil that surrounds them. These are easily likable characters. Dara is much like us the reader. She loves to read and uses books as a means of escape. Tristan realizes Dara’s unique ability and try’s as much as possible to help her develop it more and to be able to utilize it better to protect herself. I loved the different layers of Tristan. He can seem harsh and cruel then other times he is sweet and kind. This book is impossible to put down. You are constantly wondering how they will get over the next hurtle, how they will get to a place where they can be happy as a couple. There is also the evil murderer who committed the crime that Dara is serving prison time for. He is still out killing people. The authority’s only connection to the murderer is a Dara who knows too much about the crimes to be an innocent.    
                I am looking forward for more of this series. This is certainly an author that I will continue reading. The readers are introduced to lead male character for the 2nd book in Blood Moons. I read on my friend Lauries blog that there will be 3 books in this series. The next is Blood Trails, with Jeremy Calen and Hailey Chase, followed by Blood Debt.


  1. Hmm- I haven't heard of this one but it sounds like a very interesting story. Thanks for review,
    Brandi from Blkosiner’s Book Blog

  2. Returning follower hopping by. The cover of this one caught my attention. Read the synopsis and am still intrigued. I think it's going to have to join the others on my TBR list.