Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Warrior by: Zoe Archer

Paperback, 354 pages
Published September 1st 2010 by Zebra
ISBN13: 9781420106794
Series: The Blades of the Rose #1.
2 Stars
4 Flames
                There are so many positive reviews about this book, and the series as a whole. I truly hate that I did not enjoy this book more. I am going to stress the point that if you are considering reading this book to please view other reviews on it. Do not not buy this book because of this one review. I do plan on continuing to read the series. There are too many positive reviews about this series for me not to. I must also point out that I do not feel that this is a Paranormal Romance. In my opinion one of the key factors with Paranormal is a non-human character. Gabriel and Thalia are both very mortal humans. This book has magical aspects in a historical setting. My own personal genre labeling would place it as Historical Adventure Fantasy Romance, which is a genre that does not exist but accurately describes the book.
                My problems with the book: I did not like Thalia as a character until over halfway through the book. She annoyed me. I found the book was OVERLY descriptive. This caused the book to move forward at a very slow pace. I found myself becoming sleepy and easily distracted while reading it. There was a pleasant side effect from the overly descriptive. As a reader you will feel connected to Mongolia. The author had an incredible feel for the time and place.
                Gabriel decides from the initial meeting he wants in on this quest. Thalia wants to keep Gabriel as far from the quest as possible. This is what annoyed me about her. She has a handsome, capable man following her through Mongolia. He is assisting her, protecting her and saving her life, yet she wants him to stop, turn around and go home. I realize the Blades of the Rose are a secret society that must protect the Sources. The whole I am a capable tough female who does not need any help got old after a couple hundred pages. Eventually they give up and give in to their attraction and steam up the pages. The romance in this book is hot and very sexy.

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  1. I have this book but haven't cracked all the way into it yet. I have heard it is the least liked one in the series so I am hoping that is the case. I can't wait to see what you think of #2!