Monday, January 10, 2011

Taken to the Limit by: Nico Rosso

EBook, 68 pages
Published November 22nd 2010 by Liquid Silver Books  
ISBN: 9781595787712
Series: The Limit War #1
4 Stars
4 Flames (very hot sex scenes, use of the “p” word was a bit of a turn off for me.)
I love sci-fi. I kept seeing various twits on Twitter and I had to get this book for my Kindle. I saw somewhere that this book was referred to as a sci-fi erotica. I would not classify this as erotica, not nearly enough smut. (Yes, smut is a good thing!) I did enjoy the book. The story was strong for such a short book, that’s really my only complaint about the book. Korina and Morrow have an instant attraction to each other the moment they meet. Morrow is from a dead planet that has been destroyed by the Dusk. He is now on Earth with his fellow Core combatants to protect the Earth from the Dusk. The Dusk takes up residence on a planet to plant their only food source. During a mission to prevent this, a fellow soldier is injured and Morrow takes him to the emergency room. Korina is the ER doctor that attempts to help the injured soldier.
                Korina is a strong female character. I liked this about her! Morrow takes notice of her take lead actions immediately as well as the soldier in him. When the action starts Morrow never attempts to keep her out of danger with the attitude that she must be protected, she is female and not capable of protecting herself. Morrow helps her suit up for battle, arms her with a gun and a blade and has her fighting the battles by his side.

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  1. I may have to check this one out. I am not a huge fan of sci-fi but it sounds like it might be a fun read.