Thursday, December 9, 2010

Overall this is the best anthology that I have ever read. I can also honestly say I wish each of the stories were longer. I enjoyed each individual story immensely! This is a 5 star, 5 flame read across the board.
Mad Dog Love by Angela Knight, 5 stars, 5 flames. I knew the moment the year was mentioned that I would like this story, 2450. Knight has given us a futuristic sci-fi world of space travel, werewolves, empires and zero gravity sex. Rance has been betrayed by a comrade and sold into slavery. Zarifa, a supposed party girl future empress is running from a fiancé and trying to turn the kingdom over to the rightful emperor. This is a great story! I must say the zero gravity sex was HOT, also first time I had read this. The relationship between Rance and Zarifa progresses at a good pace. They have a few hurdles to jump, but this is a short story so there are not too many pages to work a huge amount into.
A Jaguars Kiss by Lora Leigh, 5 stars, 5 flames. This is #15 of the Breed series. Natalie is the new teacher at the Breed school at Buffalo Gap. The handsome Cajun Saban has been appointed her bodyguard. As with all Breed books and stories there is plenty of sexual tension. To add a good conflict to the story we have an ex-husband with nefarious plans.
Shifter’s Lady by Alyssa Day, 5 stars, 5 flames.  This is 2.5 in the Warriors of Poseidon series. Ethan and Marie are our main characters. Ethan is a panther shifter. The attraction between the two characters is interesting. They are from different worlds and very different ways of life. Marie has spent her whole life on the ocean floor in Atlantis. Ethan is the Big Cypress pack leader. Day gives action and conflict in the story with a pack leader challenge and fight.
Sea Crossing by Virginia Kantra, 5 stars, 5 flames. This is the Children of the Sea prequel. This is a historical, not sure of the year it was never mentioned, nor do I consider it important. Griffith is a selkie. He has a seal pelt that he can wear and become a seal. He rescues Emma from a sinking ship that she has boarded in an attempt to flee her past. My only complaint about this story was the typical anger from one character when they find out the other character is not human. Why does the character always end up feeling betrayed or lied to? This is obviously a secret they must keep to protect themselves. The character keeping the secret will eventually tell the one it loves (end rant.)

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