Monday, December 20, 2010

Feed by Mira Grant

Mass Market Paperback (it is taller than standard mass market paperback books), 572 pages
ISBN13: 978-0316-081054
First published April 10th 2010
5 stars! This book is not a romance and gets 0 flames.

Excellent book.  I have to point out that I love a feature on the spine of this book. At the very top of the spine there is a number 1. Feed is the first book in the Newsflesh trilogy. Most of the books that I read are in a series. I typically refer to or the authors’ webpage to assure that I have the correct reading order. I truly wish more books, authors, publishers, whom ever makes the spine content decision would do this more often. Mira Grant also writes under the name Seanan McGuire, I read half of Rosemary and Rue and could not finish it. This book has a completely different voice and character type. So, if you are thinking about passing this book over for that reason DON’T.
                Zombies are all over the place in books right now.  I guess they will be the next hot thing, especially Zombie Apocalypse. This book really is not Zombie Apocalypse. The Rising occurs in 2014 after medical researchers have found a cure for the common cold and cancer. This book takes place in 2040.  There are sufficient explanations throughout the book for the reader to easily understand exactly what happened when the Rising occurred.  The main characters that we follow throughout the book are Georgia (George) and Shaun Mason and their fellow blogger Georgette (Buffy) Meissonier. This trio does news blogging. The world after the Rising has come to rely on this type of instant news reporting.
                If I had to give this book a genre, perhaps I would go with sci-fi or paranormal suspense. The main subject matter is political conspiracy meets news reporting. The three main characters a chosen by a presidential candidate to follow him while he is on the campaign trail and report honestly what they see.  The bloggers take their jobs very seriously. They video, record and monitor everything. I will admit techie stuff confuses me; the books techie talk flows smooth and did not leave me confused. In the process of doing their jobs they begin to uncover a horrific act of terrorism. As reporters they investigate and uncover a truth that jeopardizes their lives along with the people around them. This book does not have a happily ever after. In all actuality the book does not really have a happy ending. The book ends on a rather tragic note.  
                I will definitely continue reading this series. There was major event at the end of the book that I cannot mention due to the nature of the spoiler that it will pose. I am looking forward to the next book to see where the series goes with this major change.

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