Sunday, November 21, 2010

Hot For the Holidays

Vampire’s Ball by Angela Knight: 4 stars 4 flames. This is number 9 in the Mageverse series. I have not read any of the series, but the author did a fantastic job of not confusing me. I figured this would a difficult story for me to get into. There are so few pages in the story, so many books into this series; I expected to be very confused. This was not the case. The author did not fill in the blanks through a ton of rehashing either, she explained the Mageverse world just enough for the story to flow. I enjoyed Ridge & Kat’s story. Their romance develops quickly, it has to. They have been put together so that he can assist her with activating her Gift. I am definitely intrigued enough about the Arthurian aspect of this story combined with vampires, werewolves and Majae, that I will read more this series.
A Little Night Magic by Allyson James: 4 Stars and 3 flames. This is the prequel to the Stormwalker series. This was something different! The author has combined Native American culture in a fantasy. This story is filled with Changers, shaman and skinwalkers. Jamison walked out of Naomi’s life two years ago with no explanation. Now he has stepped back into her life and brought trouble on his heels right to her doorstep. He has come back to protect her and also explain what has changed in him that caused him to leave in the first place. I will definitely be reading more of this series. The character Coyote seems like he will play a role as a cryptic helper in the future books.
Sweet Enchantment by Anya Bast: 2 Stars, 2 flames. This is the prequel to the Dark Magick series. If you are a reader that enjoys reading books about the Fae, Seelie and Unseelie Court, you will enjoy this series. I however have noticed it is not for me. I am also not a fan of a romance where there characters are rekindling a past relationship.
A Christmas Kiss by Lora Leigh: 4 Stars and 4 flames. This is number 20 in the Breed series. The story takes place at Haven the Wolf/Coyote compound in Colorado. This is Hawke & Jessica’s story. This story has similar conflicts to the Breed series other books. There is a completely non altered human & a breed. There are the trust hurtles that must be overcome. Of course, there is the ever present evil doer in the Breed compound who has evil intentions of killing as many Breeds as possible. The repetition of these books should get on my nerves, but they don’t. I LOVE the Breed series.

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