Saturday, November 20, 2010

Game Over by Taylor Keating

This book is at best has a 3 star rating and 3 flames (the one sex scene was hot). The book was good enough that I kept reading. It is a very interesting concept & world that Keating has created. The first thing I must point out is the spine declares it as a Paranormal Romance. This book would best be classified as an action adventure, perhaps fantasy. There is one sex scene in the book, well past the half way mark, possibly close to the three quarter mark. The book flows quickly and is easy to understand. I was concerned with having issues understanding some of the content due to the fact that I am not a gamer & I am also a techy idiot. This is not an issue. The author has created a futuristic/alternate type world where other beings lend knowledge of technical gadgets.
                Game Over takes place after the Great War that has left Earth devastated and mostly destroyed. A mutated virus has wiped out a lot of the population. The main characters are River and Hawk. They are both trapped in the game that River created. To survive they have to defeat the game. There is plenty of action and adventure in this book. The romantic aspect of the book is lacking. There was no relationship development with the characters, nor was there any relationship pursuit. Hawk or River never showed any attraction to the other. They fell into pointless sex. The way the book abruptly ends leaves me questioning is there is a Happily Ever After.
                This book wrapped up and ended rather quickly in my opinion. I was left with a large amount of questions. I did venture over to the authors website to investigate if this will be a series or if it will have a sequel. In June of 2011 we will have Mind Games. Hopefully it picks up where this one left off and some of those questions will be answered. There was not a synopsis on the website so I get another unanswered question.

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