Sunday, August 26, 2012

Review: Nathaniel by Dianne Hartsock

eBook, 72 pages (per Kindle)
Published February 29th 2012 by Etopia Press
ISBN 13: 9781937976
Source: Tour host, for the purpose of an honest review
Genre: Fantasy Romance, m/m
Stars: 1
Flames:  4

Nathaniel has traveled from his own home land to Taden’s. Nathaniel is promptly captured and abused at the hands of Sutherlin soldiers. Taden not trusting the Sutherlin’s who are his enemy takes a chance and frees Nathaniel.  From here an attraction that I never understood the reasons behind begins. Nathaniel leaves Taden on several occasions. They are attracted, yet Nathaniel seems to not want to remain with Taden.

There were too many aspects about this book that I just didn’t get. Corin repeatedly pushes himself into Taden’s mind and also into kissing embraces. Taden clearly only has eyes for Nathaniel. Corin also is very possessive of Miranda. Is this due to a romantic interest? Corin also tells Taden that Miranda keeps Nathanial’s insanity at bay. How is this? Nathanial’s sanity is never really brought up as an issue, just that Corin tells Taden that it’s a hereditary condition.

The biggest unanswered question was what Nathaniel is. He is not a witch, even though he is accused as such often. Even Taden questions this repeatedly. Nathaniel also has so little dialogue that he seemed two dimensional. The book is named after him, so I expected to discover more about him.

The sex scenes are plentiful, but not too graphic. They present themselves in a way that make it seem like Nathaniel is simply there and not fleshed out in my opinion. 

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