Sunday, August 19, 2012

Review: Envy by J. R. Ward

Mass Market Paperback, 454 pages
Published September 6th 2011 by Signet (first published January 1st 2011)
ISBN 13: 9780451229458
Source: Purchased for self
Genre: Fantasy/Paranormal Romance
Series: The Fallen Angels, book #3
Best read in order: yes
Stars: 3
Flames: 3

I absolutely LOVED Covet and Crave. I have told anyone who cared to listen to me that I prefer the Fallen Angels to the Black Dagger Brotherhood. I was slightly disappointed in Envy. I always have a hard time putting down one of the Fallen Angels books. Life does happen around reading so the book has to be put down for a moment on occasion. I didn’t have a problem putting Envy down. On the other hand I also did not have to force myself to finish it. I just felt that something was missing. I’m just not sure what exactly was missing.

Reilly and Veck worked as a couple for me, mostly. I never felt their connection sexually, but I did understand their emotional connections and the attractions. They work together and they chose the same career path for similar reasons. They brought much of this books entertainment to the surface of some sometimes murky pages.

I had a tiny issue with how Reilly too easily played into the hands of one of Devina’s puppets. Reilly stood up for Veck in the initial IA investigation that put them together as partners. I won’t say she blindly trusted him, but she did carefully view all the facts. Then she just took a semi strangers words as factual evidence. That was completely out of Sophia’s character. I liked that she was a fair and just internal affairs officer who looked at the evidence that was presented to her unbiasedly. That was one of the many things that made Reilly such a strong heroine.  

I liked Veck. He had grown accustomed to why many people wanted into his life. It has hardened him to a degree. He knows there is something dark and not right with him. I enjoyed how that that was with him played out in the grand scheme of the book. He has learned how to manage his dark and twisty to a degree. I think this allowed for him to not ask too many questions when angels popped into his life.

I enjoyed the new facts that readers were given about Devina. She’s a devilish demon that needs therapy. What is there not to be intrigued about? The moment that she had to give up one of her precious little baubles, oh I loved it. She was moving into full-fledged panic attack territory.

Jim is learning more and more about being an angel. He’s learning new tricks and abilities. That pleased me. I keep thinking that with the way Devina plays the game that team angel really needs some extra help or at least some new moves that will help them even out the playing field.

The two vessels that Devina chose to do her evil bidding were predictable. I like to be surprised by the evil doer. Devina being who she is lines up the fact that she will manipulate a situation into her favor. So yes, I expected her to make someone do her bidding, to force the crossroads choice into her court. The moment these two characters came into play I told myself that person will be ill used by Devina. It happened with little complexity.

The sex scenes were lacking in number and in the intensity that Ward brings to her sex scenes. Realistically, if you have ever read any of this lady’s works you know she writes some amazingly hot smut. I found myself flipping back a page at one point because I actually missed the sex scene! Yep, it was glossed right over in comparison to her other works. I also never felt the sexual connection with the Veck and Reilly. The threesome with Eddie, Adrian, and the random just played out like a needed motion, nothing wowing.

I will most likely move on in this series. Although when the next soul was mentioned very specifically I just shook my head. I guess perhaps it might be interesting to see how that will flesh out. Imaging this man written in as a hero seems far-fetched. I am addicted to Jim, Adrian, and Eddie, so I will have to continue reading the series to find out where their trials will take them.

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  1. I love Devina's therapy sessions. I am very curious on Adrian and Effie's character developments.