Sunday, August 12, 2012

Review: Dark Craving by Donna Grant

ebook, 105 pages
Published July 31st 2012 by St. Martin's Paperbacks
Source: Purchased for self
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Series: Dark Kings, book #1
Stars: 3
Flames: 3

Cassie and I have something in common, we travel the same. If you ever want to hear disaster stories about travel talk to me or Cassie. Oh, poor Cassie. She has been forced to move into her brother’s rental cottage. That is just the beginning of her problems though. The move was not smooth. Cassie is learning all of Murphy’s Laws when it comes to this relocation. There is a perk to this move, the distillery next door is full of hot men. Those men have the task of protecting both dragons and humans. One of them just happens to want to keep her warm. Hal and his Dragon King ilk cannot feel love for a human. This is a punishment placed on them by the King of the Kings. This punishment seemed too overkill in my opinion once all was found out about it.

I was really into this story, until the naked man with a sword fell from the sky. I had a hard time taking the novella seriously after that point. The insta-love that Cassie and Hal felt I never picked up on how they got there. It was very rushed. I know it’s a novella with a small amount of pages, I still needed more. Several things were brought up that seemed important, and then was never mentioned again. The Silvers moving for instance seemed important, mentioned, moved on. I still have no clue what happened to Cassie’s brother.

I will give the second eBook a try when it becomes available. I love paranormal romance. Dragon shifters always grab my attention. I’m hoping that since the world has been created and some of the vital components have been explained that some of the finer details will get more elaboration in the next novella. Novellas always leave me wanting more, this one has left me with wanting to know more about Tristan, the Silvers, and the portal.  


  1. Thank you Donna for sharing your amazing stories. I can not get enough!!

  2. This was my first book by Donna Grant and I really enjoyed it. I understand how you feel though, Vanessa. I was left with many questions that I am hoping will be answered in the upcoming books. :)
    I fell a little in love with almost all of the men though. ;)