Thursday, July 12, 2012

Review: Player and the Prude by Daisy Harris

eBook, 113 pages per Kindle
Published July 7th 2012 by Siren-Bookstrand
ISBN 13: 9781619269798
Source: Author, for the purpose of an honest review
Genre: Erotic M/M Romance
Best read in order: no, each easily works as a stand-alone
Stars: 5
Flames: 4

I do believe that Matt and Brooks just took over as my favorite couple of this series. I find that slightly ironic considering I did not want to like Brooks when I began this installment of the Men of Holsum College series. His initial thoughts and opinions of Matt are harsh and the reason he began talking to him in the first place is beyond cruel.

Matt was tough to read at times. His thoughts and feelings about his own sexuality and his desires are harsh. He thinks he is perverted, he believes that his own fantasies are terribly dark and should stay bottled up and never known. The beliefs he was taught growing up did not help his thoughts on his sexuality in any way.

Brooks began as a character I didn’t want to like. I thought Matt deserved better than a man whore. My opinion started changing about him quickly though. It turns out Matt and Brooks are good for each other. I think Brooks also didn’t have a good opinion about his own self. The bathroom scene at the art exhibit let readers see how this player can have a low opinion of himself.

Matt and Brooks are an opposites attract couple. They can often be the most enjoyable to read in my opinion. Matt and Brooks did not disappoint in that regard. Matt knows he wants Brooks, he also knows all about Brooks reputation, thus Matt doesn’t want to be used for just a hook up. Brooks has always been into just sexing, with Matt he starts seeing that there is more than just the physical. 

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