Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Review: Hearts of Fire by Kira Brady


Published June 26th 2012 by Zebra

Source: Purchased for self

Genre: Historical Paranormal Romance

Series: Deadglass, book 0.5

Best read in order: yes

Stars: 4

Flames: 2

I had the pleasure of reading Hearts of Darkness as an ARC from the publisher a month before Hearts of Fire was available for sale. I can honestly say that Hearts of Darkness is a fine place to start with this series. Looking back now I wish I had read this prequel first though.

Readers are introduced to a Seattle in the year 1889. The Kavati (animal shifters) are still living a peaceful existence among the humans. Seattle is growing rapidly with industry and new comers who are seeking a claim on the western frontier. The newest people to move into Seattle are the Drekar (dragon shifters.)

Brand is among the dragon shifters. He has came to Seattle to pay out a favor/debt owed to the Drekar Regent. His only wants are for peace, stability and a woman who he can be who and what is truly is with.

Alice is the daughter of the Kavati Raven Lord. She also finds that she is attracted to Brand. She knows that he is not merely human. She also knows that they are destined to be together. The party her father is hosting to welcome the new residents if the perfect place to finally get closer to the object of her affections.

Hearts of Fire is a novella. Alive and Brands relationship has many of the rushed characteristics that one finds with many novellas. I still enjoyed reading them, especially Brand. He was desperately wanting a new life in Seattle. He is also desperately wanting to find peace between the Kavati and the Drekar.

Having already read Heats of Darkness I now have a better understanding of where some of the bitterness of Emory Corbette came from. I also now have a better understanding about the long term war that has been going on between the Kavati and the Drekar.

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