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Review Hara’s Legacy by Bianca D'arc


Hara's Legacy (

By: Bianca D'Arc


Paperback, 256 pages

Published March 1st 2008 by Samhain Publishing

ISBN 13: 9781599987422

Source: Freebie from Amazon

Genre: Erotica Sci Fi

Series: Resonance Mates #1

Stars: 2

Flames: 4

Reviewed by: Vanessa


I enjoy sci fi romance, I LOVE sci fi erotica’s. I enjoy a good ménage. This book really has all of these elements. There are numerous scorching hot sex scenes. The fact that the romance in the book is on a family share plan brought it down a bit for me. I guess I didn’t clue in on that elusion in the synopsis. Or perhaps it's just that this the first time I've read a menage were siblings were involved. The siblings are sharing a female. It is even plausible as to why the O’Hara brothers are sharing the eldest Caleb’s wife. After the Alvian race descended planet Earth they killed off much of the population during the cataclysm. There is now a shortage of women. The humans that survived have abilities such as telepathy, empathy, precognition, and telekinesis. This adds a unique bond to the quarto. Jane has been in love with all three of the O’Hara brothers her entire life and they reciprocate those feelings. The brothers do however have extreme guilt over their excessive and unconventional desires for their sister in law. Justin and Mick’s insistent guilt of their sexual desires for their sister in law drug on for too long. Mick is having guilt issues all the way at the end of the book.

I would have enjoyed more page time with the aliens and the problems that their inhabitation of Earth has caused. The problems are huge, but they are barely touched on. Yes, there is alien sex. One of the O’Hara brothers has 3 sex filled days and nights with her doing every conceivable sexual act one can think of with her. I guess I was looking for some humans fighting for survival problems for the characters to overcome. The majority of the story are the three O’Hara brothers hanging out at their ranch being extremely intimate with the only female O’Hara.

I’m undecided as to if I will continue this series or not. The second book picks up with Callie, she is the daughter that is conceived from this book. It’s another ménage. The human gal, human guy and alien guy, none of which are related does sound promising.

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