Thursday, June 28, 2012

Review: The Whored's Prayer by Lucy V Morgan

eBook, 268 pages
Published June 4th 2012 by Lyrical Press, Inc.
ISBN: 139781616503857
Source: Author, for the purpose of an honest review
Genre: Erotic Romance
Best read in order: yes
Stars: 4
Flames: 4
Be sure your secrets will surely come to light…

Leila is a lawyer in training who, to pay a family debt, became a whore in her off-time in Chairman of the Whored.  She never knew how much she would enjoy the freedom that lifestyle gave her.  In this newest installment, Leila has paid her debt and is out of business …or so she thought until someone decides to blackmail her and she almost loses everything…including her heart.

This is the second book in the series and the author does drop details to keep you up to speed, but I think you should consider reading the first story to fully understand and appreciate Leila and Joseph and their story.  I have loved them both.  With that said, this book didn’t disappoint with the twists and revelations and especially the smut.  Although, I did find myself skimming some of the smut to get to the rest of the story – that is not a bad thing – the story is that good.  There is, of course, some knife play with more blood than even Leila & Joseph were prepared for, a great F/F petting scene that would make a nun want to renounce her vows and a flogging scene that will keep you from sitting down for a week.  The Prayer continued with the same characters we met in the first book and a few others that I hope get their “happily ever after” in the future.  Aiden and Matt return and we are fully introduced to Elise and Kenji who show us that even goody-goody girls like to be bad sometimes. 

Leila & Joseph don’t disappoint in their tangible desire for each other and even though Joseph is known as the “Chairman of the Whored” we learn that even the boss has his limits when it comes to his “lawyer”.  It is an obvious love that even they don’t realize until they are too deep to be saved.  Lucy Morgan did a great job of taking us to new places with Leila and Joseph and their now “out in the open” relationship.  The competition for a place in the firm that Leila has worked so hard for is within reach and she is surprised to have it all – the job and the man.  Like many women, she wonders if she truly deserves to be happy or not.  Ms. Morgan uses references to Eve and the apple in Eden, Alice in Wonderland visuals and especially the wolf claiming its prey in her endeavor to help us relate with Leila.  I would have to re-read some of these sections to be clear on her meaning, but they had a place in the dialogue so it wasn’t overly distracting.  At this point, I am accustomed to Ms. Morgan’s writing style and British brogue so it worked well for me.  When it comes to relating the images in her mind, Ms. Morgan is a becoming a master at giving you a full visual so you can see exactly what she sees without being overly descriptive…she just skips without warning sometimes in that inner dialogue.

I continued to love this character and completely related to her struggle of accepting the good in life.  Leila is not ashamed of what she has done and is open with her love of her dark side with Joseph, but that doesn’t stop her questioning her decisions and her reasons as to why she likes this type of…yes, that scary 4-letter word…love.  She has worked hard for what she has accomplished and she still doesn’t apologize for it, but just when she thinks she can relax and revel in this newfound bliss, someone tries to take it all away.  To save those she loves from being tarnished by her past, Leila attempts to make right what someone else thinks was wrong.  While you can be sure that your secrets will surely find you out, the truth will always set you free...especially with the Chairman on your side…

I highly recommend this book for those that like their cake and to eat it too…

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